How to easily recognize a real Hermes?

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  1. Dear Baglovers,

    I need some input. I recently received a Hermes Birkin bag as a gift from my mom, a crazy lady that is always travelling around the world, with no real home. This is a 35 cm, black togo leather bag with gold hardware. She says she received it as a gift some years ago from a crazy admirer and so I wonder how I can see if it is real or fake, does anyone have any easy tips to give? I am not able to show you any pictures since my digital camera is broken and I haven't had time to fix it yet.

    Please help me!!:amazed:


  2. bring it to a Hermes store to have it cleaned.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion,

    The only problem is that I would feel so embarassed if it turns out to be a fake.....and besides in such case I even think that the store has the right to take the bag.....and that would be even worse to explain to my mom. I'm just curious.:smile:

  4. Without seeing it it's impossible to say if it's real or not...As far as I know..
  5. compare details of it to pics of authentic bags that have been posted here in the informative catalog sticky post at the top. read through the "authenticate this bag" thread. etc.
    and get your camera fixed.
  6. Very kind advice HiHeels.

    Also, ask around if anyone you know may have a bag made by Hermes...maybe someone might and you were not aware until you were given this bag.

    Another idea...visit your Hermes without the bag and see if you can look at other bags. MAybe that can help.

    Post a pic using a friends camera.

    Everyone can help here.
  7. :shame: :flowers:
    great advice.
    and let us know what you conclude, pearl999. :yes:
  8. *fingers crossed* that its real!!!! good luck, but ditch yourself as much from the bag that way if it turns out to be fake you wont be so upset! and if its real then your love can grow for it!!!! and we will throw youa party on the PF!!!!!!
  9. Thank you all for great advice!! I'll start by looking at pictures and hopefully I will be able to go to my nearest Hermes store soon and check for myself. I'll try to get a picture to you all as soon as possible.;)

  10. Pearl, post many clear pics of exterior and interior and we can help you!