How to dress when going into an Hermes store?


Jun 7, 2019
My closest store is New Bond Street, so whenever I'm in town I visit to take a look. I personally don't give two hoots about what I'd wear as I'm usually presentable and well kept.
The last time I went I just wore some brown Chelsea boots, black jeans, black crew neck jumper and a battered Barbour jacket.

Absolutely no hassle and the person helping me in the home section was very nice. I understand that some SAs can be incredibly judgemental before you've spoken to them, but most don't really care.

When there was a smaller store in Selfridges, I was followed around and made to feel really uncomfortable. So I didn't even think about buying anything, just walked out. Though, the store in Changi Airport is amazing. When we had a 5 hour layover last year, I spent over an hour in there just chatting to the SAs about all sort of things. Wearing Hermes in the store must help, as the comment above states as I was in a basic navy polo with my vintage Constance belt. I didn't buy anything, but the SA there gave me a bunch of catalogues and goodies for my coffee table.

Just be yourself in these high end stores, at the end of the day the workers there are just people like you.


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Aug 31, 2008
SA's have seen it all from sweats to sables. Dress for your comfort zone & just be yourself.
I remember many years ago, a very wealthy woman going into a luxury store in NYC
with her hair in curlers. No one gave her a second glance..

LOL I reread this and thought you said stables :biggrin:

over 20 years ago (well before emotional support animals) I saw a (presumably) wealthy well groomed, well dressed woman lead a very well groomed Shetland pony out of an UES hair salon. I presumed the hair salon appt was for the woman though.


Apr 13, 2021
I walked into the Madison store a couple weeks ago straight from a flight. I’m sure I’m being harsh on myself, but I looked disheveled (a raggedy coat, old sweater, etc.). I am unknown in this store. The SA and SM could not have been nicer, more engaging or generous with their time.
I don’t want to have an experience where I have to overthink. I dress for me - whether relaxed / smart / formal. The experiences I’ve had have always been wonderful because the store can quickly assess my H knowledge and interest in the brand.
Nov 15, 2016
I honestly find Hermès concessions in department stores really hard to judge for what to wear (Im based in London). I was in Selfridges on Oxford Street today and I had an Hermes bag on and I was completely ignored. I had a nice coat and smart trousers on too and honestly it's so disappointing. Everyone should have good service in these stores regardless of what they are wearing. I was at the Bond Street store this week and honestly they were better, no Hermes bag and I was dressed more casually and it was a nice experience.

Now that I live in London, I just go into stores wearing whatever i'm wearing because i'm not dressing 'especially' for a visit to a shop. Life is too short!


Mar 13, 2007
To be quite frank, it is all about how you hold yourself more so than how you dress. I never dress particularly for an Hermes visit as I have my very own style of clothing that also often involves jogging pants.. that doesn't make me casual though as my style is very much a mix of lots of colours and prints but alway I like to believe well put together ;)

Do not ever feel intimidated to enter any sort of luxury store. If you have the funds to buy something in that store you ARE their customer and therefore feel confident in whatever you are wearing.


Apr 14, 2006
I think you should dress as you normally would, whether it is more dressy or casual- that way your SA has an idea of your style, and can suggest things to you that would suit you! I don’t think what you wear matters much long-term if you shop regularly, but some SAs might treat you differently based on how you are dressed if they don’t know you yet.
Feb 22, 2020
My opinion on this as someone who comes from a fashion editorial background and for the past 18 years has worked in luxury sales is this... A GOOD SA will not judge you by what you are wearing but will hopefully take time to get to know you as a client by talking to you.
My belief is nobody can tell how much money is in someones bank account from what they wear..Some of the wealthiest people I know are very casual and don't even wear a watch (one doesn't even carry a bag and usually wears denims and very low key outfits so as not to attract unwanted attention when out shopping).
I have always worn a fair amount of designer clothes but not instantly recognisable ones (Japanese, Belgian, Jil sander, The row, Celine ,Loewe these kinds of brands ) sometimes I mix them with vintage or denim- They don't send the same signal as a Chanel jacket for instance....I remember I went into one expensive designer store dressed head to toe in designer clothes carrying my Hermes bag (A Paris-Bombay) because I was on my way to meet my CEO for a comp shop and business lunch....In this store I was quite rudely ignored not even greeted where as a lady who came in after me..roughly the same age wearing a mink coat and Chanel bag was greeted upon arrival and asked if she would like a drink as she looked around.
She clearly wasn't a regular client as nobody referred to her by name...but she was obviously judged to be more inclined to purchase than I because she was wearing an outfit judged to signal wealth.
I find that kind of 'judgement' odious and wild horses wouldn't have made me want to purchase from any of the staff in that store.
My message is be you-you are the client you dont have to impress anyone Just wear what you feel comfortable in and if thats a pair of overalls and sneakers fine!
Shopping is tiring I find comfort is key


I tend to be on the dressier side of myself (but still casual chic) when I visit Hermes stores. Its not over the top like I’m attending a gala event.

I think it is easier to assess whether something suits me if I wear what I usually do wear. Most items of Hermes are good for daily wear anyway. A good SA would also recommend items in the colour that suits the customer’s overall aesthetics.

Someone said it’s about how one carry herself which is completely true, I feel.

I do tend to wear the items I purchased at that shop. Largely out of respect for the SA. I wouldn’t want to raise any eyebrows by wearing a coverted in season piece I got elsewhere from the shop I am visiting.! We know how H values loyal customers, right?

Sometimes my SA would also ask me how I feel about the item after wearing it.
Dec 28, 2007
After our flight from London I felt completely dishevelled arriving into Miami. I am not the type to look amazing off a plane and so had bedhead hair, wearing a plain cardigan, t-shirt, sweat pants and a Longchamp bag. Our hotel was not ready for us so we went to lunch and then popped in to see the Design District store. At that time I had zero purchase history there and only a Rodeo, a lizard bracelet and a leather wallet at Madison. There were beautifully dressed ladies there off the docked cruise ship and they were treated very well, with drinks and apparently a lot of boxes. I met a nice SA who took me through the floors and after a while just before I decided to thank her and go, she said wait a minute. And offered me a Black Croc Constance and a Rouge Vif Ostrich Constance. I didn't actually ask for any bags; no exotics or B/K and was only planning to visit the store during our stopover, as I enjoy looking, so that really surprised me. The next day we flew out and that is how I ended up trekking through the Amazon, with that bag in my Longchamp!
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Jul 22, 2015
because I was on my way to meet my CEO for a comp shop and business lunch....In this store I was quite rudely ignored not even greeted where as a lady who came in after me..roughly the same age wearing a mink coat and Chanel bag was greeted upon arrival and asked if she would like a drink as she looked around.
OOT, I apologize but I am curious: did you give this feedback to the CEO? I bet the SAs fell over themselves when they knew who you were there for :biggrin: