How to dress up a speedy 30

  1. I just bought a speedy 30 earlier this year. My first LV, but been toying with the idea of selling it cos everywhere I go, I will find at least another 5 person carrying the same bag as me :sad:

    Should I do that? I know it is easily the most versitile piece from LV but I really couldnt stand seeing it so common.

    Mayb I can dress it up alittle so it looks more unique?

    Any suggestion and pictures to show?

    (this is my first thread :smile:
  2. Welcome to tPF- this place is awesome!

    I'd add either a cles, speedy inclusion, or a lovely LVOE bandeau, perhaps that new LVOE phone charm~ or try a pastilles keychain- that's ALWAYS pretty!!

    Good luck- there are lots of super pretty charms on eBay too!
  3. what about the etoile scarf? the pinky-red and white would look lovely with the browns and gold of the speedy. :yes:
  4. I like Juicy charms or speedy inclusions. I just got the fleurs keychain and it's really colourful and would be cute against the dark mono.
  5. Oh no... pls do not sell it.... there are many purse charms available to dress up your speedy. It definitely deserves a 2nd chance.