How to dress up a Polo Shirt elegant for the office

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  1. Hello my dear ladies hope some of you can give me some inputs

    Im working in an office with business casual dress code

    Im the only woman my colleagues wear on normal day suits without tie, slacks without jacket, only when we have to visit customer we are all dressed up.
    I normally wear black/blue pants or a pencil skirt heels and always a classic blouse.(very formal)

    Now I would like to make it a little less formal while still looking polished
    I need need inspiration how to incorporate polo shirts in my wardrobe without looking to much like an intern or looking like its always casual Friday....not that I do not like Fridays :smile:

    As I love polo shirts ans I have them in several bright colors I would be interested how I could style them with my dark pencil shirts and dark pants....

    Does anyone do this? or is it a NO Go ?
    When I try it always looks mismatched
    Would love to see some of your ootds
  2. I'd like to know too! I'm thinking it would be the accessories that would dress it up. Like cardigans with a brooch, scarves, statement necklaces, etc.
  3. Maybe tie a silk neckerchief around your neck for a pop of color ( Hermes, talbots, J crew). These are very big again. With a pencil skirt and this look wear a wedge or a chunky ( block ) heel . Another option could be adding a statement necklace and a blazer in a more casual material, such as cotton or linen for Spring/ Summer. Also, if your skirt is cotton or a more seasonal fabric, you could wear a colorful shoe, or beautiful espadrilles and stack bracelets. I'd focus on accessories, including shoes to make this more of a complete " look" .
  4. I can't imagine dressing up a Polo tee for work but I reckon it'll be really nice for casual Fridays, with a denim skirt and wedges!
  5. I usually wear nice T-Shirts instead of Blouses. I'd never wear a Polo to the office :smile:
  6. Pearls! Something about pearls makes people look finished and smart. Even with just the 3 button style I think it could work. The ascot idea is a good one too.

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  7. I wouldn't do it. Dress for your next job. Polos look collegiate/intern and not professional. I work in a man's world. Always look professional. Look at women execs, no polos at work, ever.
  8. Preach it girl
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