*How to dress my Soufflot up??? *

  1. Hello, anyone has any thoughts on how to dress my new baby, epi ivoire soufflot up?? I'm thinking about a bandeau, maybe sweet flowers? Or if anyone has any pictures as a reference, appreciate it. Thanks! Keep your opinions coming. Will show you all my new baby once i get the accessory for it. ;)
  2. I don't have pictures, but I tie a scarf on my soufflot. Sometimes, I attach the small, round case to the outside. Believe it or not, I get compliments when I carry my soufflot this way.
  3. ^that does seem odd to get compliments that way, but maybe people just don't see that much and think the sibblings are cute ;)

    I don't have a soufflot (but hope to own one in two years...*drools*...please post pictures of yours, because I'm contemplating the black, but I love white purses. I think a scarf would be lovely, but the bag is stunning on it's own.
  4. Sweet flowers bandeau would look lovely on soufflot! How about the white MC bandeau or would that be too much white??
  5. Multicolor color white bandeau would be nice.
  6. Twinkle Tink has a pic somewhere of hers with the blue Tiffany twilly on it. Epi ivoire and that twilly look perfect together!
  7. How about the MC fleurs keychain....someone posted that on an epi mandarin bag yesterday and it looked gorgeous. I'm not familiar with epi bags, so I'm not sure which bag it was.
  8. ivorie goes well with almost anything
    I'm sure you'll find bunch of beautiful accessories to dress her up
    congrats on your new purchase
  9. I would look on eBay, and of course be CAREFUL, for a cherry blossom scarf! I think either that or a cerise scarf, that would be GORGEOUS! :tup:
  10. Here it is


    with Black one:


    I also like the fluers key chain on it. Sorry too lazy for pics right now, but here it is againt a perle cles, so you can see how nice it pops against the white.

  11. Thanks for the suggestions everyone :flowers: I really like the Tiffany scarf but unfortunately i can't get one where i live. I might have to pop on eBay to find it but eBay is oh so scary!! Anyone knows where to locate it?? I remembered seeing a blue one somewhere. I've tried the fleurs on and i don't really like it, find it to dangling and heavy. Lol. Appreciate the opinions and please do keep it coming.
  12. I had a long pearl necklace on mine... I've posted it somewhere...