how to dress like a hipster?

Feb 2, 2006
Oh gosh, "hipster" is a completely subjective term! Is there a more specific definition for this party, or is it open to interpretation?


ban BAN ban!!
Jul 5, 2006
Bay Area, CA
i have no idea...all it says in the invite is "hipster party".....i know i can go to UO and american apparel...but i don't know how to dress!
Aug 29, 2008
Vintage t-shirts, something OTT/"ironic", messenger bag, black plastic-frame glasses, tight-fitting, try to look skinny and androgynous and slouch. Then the rest is all attitude. Like a lot of things nobody has ever heard of and hate everything people love but be really into something super popular like Lady Gaga; however, have some lengthy sociopolitical reason for why she is symbolically important.
Feb 2, 2006
Shoulderache and PJD -- you guys crack me up! I agree, ironic and edgy is key!

- Cover yourself in temp tattoos (full sleeve is best).
- Thick-framed glasses that say, "I am deep and intellectual", a la Lisa Loeb.
- Chucks or Doc Martens
- Low-rise skinny jeans
- Black tank-top (that showcases your full sleeve of loud and garish tattoos)
- FEDORA!!!!
- Messenger bag decorated by buttons that have green-friendly slogans, and pretentiously obscure indie rock bands
- Those dangly silver chain thingies which connect your keys to your belt loop. Keys go in your pocket.
- PALE SKIN, dark lips
- Nose ring
- Green or fuschia skunk stripes in your hair.

We have TONS of "hipsters" here in the Mission District of San Francisco...and the common denominator is always, ALWAYS, always the fedora. It's like part of the uniform. Hubby and I always compete to see who can count the most fedoras when we're walking through the neighborhood.
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Feb 14, 2008
Haha I love this thread. I have soooo many hipsters at my school so here are my recommendations:

Converse or Keds sneakers
shirts from unknown bands
One of those elastic headbands that you put around your forehead, hair sticking out is a must
anything that is obviously from American Apparel
Large flannel shirts
Raybans or fake "nerd" glasses or no name neon fake wayfarers
knitted beanie (regardless of the weather)
wearing t shirts ironically (the Mickey Mouse tee you did not get with your family in Disney)
Hanes t-shirts
keffiyah scarves
dirty or obviously unmanaged hair

Check this out:
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May 24, 2007
Converses are a MUST. The color doesn't matter, you just have to wear them. And, you have to slouch--that's part of the aesthetic. Tight pants, black eyeliner, and maybe mis-matched earrings.

I'd go to Buffalo Exchange and follow around the staff and take notes about what they are wearing. They have the hipster disease bad. I was there the other day and tried to talk a staff member out of trying on this pair of HORRIBLE skin-tight textured leggings with an exposed zipper fly. The guy had a mullet that looked like he cut it while sleepy and drunk. I should have taken pictures of him because it would have been perfect for this thread.

If you MUST wear a skirt, wear something from American Apparel. I prefer the gold lame miniskirt over some sort of leotard. A onesie might work too.
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Sep 25, 2008
Super low-cut tight skinny jeans (exposed ass-crack is good), child's vintage t-shirt (best if from some kind of cheesy 'destination'), 80's plastic framed aviator shades in all-black or black lenses and white, red or turquoise frames. Booyah!