How to dress for a concert?? -TONIGHT!-


HOW to dress for a concert??

  1. Boob tube, Black leggings, hip belt, slouchy brown knee high boots.

  2. boob tube, hip belt, distressed bootcut jeans, ankle boots.

  3. as casual as possible and no heels!!!

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  1. i've got floor tickets to the ERIC CLAPTON CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guest starring Robert Cray! :yahoo::party::dothewave:

    :phow should i dress? i'll definitely be using my Coach swingpack! i've never been to GM place.. :sweatdrop:
    should i wear......
    -Boob tube top, black leggings, big hip belt, brown slouchy knee high boots
    -Boob tube, big hip belt, distressed boot cut jeans, normal ankle boots...
    - or as casual as possible with no heels??? :sweatdrop::shrugs:

    ANY kind of feed back would be great!!
  2. honestly, i'm scared to wea tube tops to concerts. because there's so many people and it's crowded, i'm afraid the tube might falls off LOL
    it's one of my nightmares...

    i would go with
    comfortable but cute tops, nice fitting jeans and any shoes or boots with NO heels.
  3. I voted for 'B" but wanted to add that you want to wear very comfortable shoes... and shoes that can take a beating because you never know what is on the floors at a concert... and I can just see someone spilling beer all over your sweet boots! (it's happened to me!) So wear some stylish shoes that are very comfortable (chunky heels are good!) and can take some abuse.

    Enjoy Eric Clapton! So jealous!
  4. the first outfit
  5. fellow Vancouverian?? (<just made that up LOL) enjoy the concert!
    GM place is awesome, I try to dress cute, flirty but still comfortable to the concerts I attend
    remember it's gonna be one crazy fun party so you dun wanna wear all your best stuff to get it ruined-- that would suck! I learnd my lesson b4!!

    if you can handle it the 2nd outfit sounds cute!
  6. Yeah it really depends on genre. I have flown to other states just to see concerts so I would recommend not going with the tube top.. especially with all the movement you're about to do!
  7. thanks girls...!! y'all are awesome..!!! :flowers:

    just for ur info.... ERIC CLAPTON WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    now i can cross that off the "to do before i die" list!
  8. You lucky duck! I LOVE Eric Clapton!!!:heart: I didn't vote because I think you already went-- but I wouldve gone with the NO HEELS. Made the mistake of wearing heels to a concert before, my feet complained A LOT. So how was the concert and what did you end up wearing? Did he sing "Tears in Heaven" and "Layla"? :woohoo:
  9. We saw him in Anaheim the week before - no Tears in Heaven (and I was glad, it was a happy, upbeat concert).

    He did a profound hour of heavy blues stuff, some from his early days with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. There was a young guitarist with him (Jared something?) who plays with the current line-up of the Allman Bros Band - and he was fantastic. They played the most amazing duets.

    The only time I regretted wearing heels (I don't wear stilettos, mind you) was to the Stones concert at the MGM Grand. We were staying right across the street but you have to walk through a giant maze of underground strip malls and whatnot and casino and it was at least a 45 minute hike in heels. Still, I felt the heeled but comfortable boots were worth it!

    I usually wear leggings, a leather mini-skirt and take a black leather jacket if we have to be outside. The tube top would be too scary for me - but if you can keep one on, it's definitely a fantasy outfit to live out in a concert.

    The Clapton concert was so good that we really wish to go again.

  10. i went with no heels! :p just chickened out..! and i ended up wearing the boobtube over jeans, with the belt, and just plain sneakers... and my coach swingpack! :wlae: and thank GOODNESS for that...! was juggling beers and chips and stuff..!

    he sang Layla, the live version... Wonderful Tonight :heart: and Cocaine.. all 3 of my fave songs!!! :yahoo:
    robert cray was FANTASTIC too...!! :yes: