How to do you set a price for marketplace items?

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  1. How do you decide how much to sell your items for?

    I have had various responses to my listings but feel that many dpn't want to pay what I'm asking.

    For ex. if I was selling an Lv that I paid 400 for would 250-300 be reasonable?
  2. It depends on the condition of the bag. Posting pics really helps.
  3. ^^ Ditto, condition of the bag and demand of the bag I guess.
  4. Agree with pursegalsf: it depends a great deal on the condition. Also depends on the desirability of the style at the time you're listing. Also sometimes depends on how well the item is presented -- lots of details, great photos, the seller sounds trustworthy etc. Many, many variables.
  5. when i'm interested in selling something i always check out the ebay completed listing just to see how much similar items that are in the same conditino as mine sold for, then i kinda average out the prices.......

    and i agree that photos are essential in selling your item.....sometimes i go a little crazy but to me the most important aspect of the purchase is having adequate pictures so that if i notice something odd in one photograph, i have another to check it up against so i can figure out if it's just lighting or there's really a dent, etc. :P
  6. I also don't get pissed if a deal falls through. There shouldn't be any hard feelings!

    If we wanted hassle free transactions with strangers, we'd go to Ebay. We're all among friends here, it's no big deal to me if someone changes their mind last minute. The occasional instance of indecision is well worth the guaranteed authenticity of what we're buying and selling.

    Just set a price you think is fair. *Do not* say you will take best offers when you will not really entertain offers or will be offended by a lower offer. Saves yourself a lot of time.

    Editted: When I re-read that, it sounded like a lecture! Sorry girls! That's just what I've found to be useful advice. When I didn't want to take best offers, I just set my price and Cat bought my bag and that was that. I think that's the best advice I can give, because I hear a lot of frustration from other members about pricing.
  7. Didn't someone once mention that for almost new LV, we should be albe to sell it for 15% less?
  8. Before the recent price raise, I sold my LV Speedy 35 for about $75 less than retail (pre-tax also). I sent it along with its original box and shopping bag and as far as I could tell there wasn't even a patina on the handles.
  9. Re: ex. For me it would depend on when you purchased it. If it is over 5 years old did it appreciate or depreciate? Its like a car to me...I know it will depreciate with use the minute it leaves the store. If it has a scratch its no longer worth 400. If its 5 years old it should sell for atleast 100 less and you used it just because it now sells for 600. I shouldn't have to pay what you paid originally because you used it.
  10. Inslet love the lecture!
  11. All great advice! :smile:
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