how to do watermarks?

  1. Hi does anyone know how to put watermarks on your photos so no one steals them. I am starting to sell more expensive items so I am scared someone is going to take them. Thanks!!:yes:
  2. You can use Paint to do them. Open up Paint and click on the text item. I didn't search on how to do them. It's pretty easy to do.
  3. I found a great watermarking program on the internet that works with my mac (I think I had to pay a nominal fee for it). I'm at work now so I can't remember what it is. If you still need it later, let me know. I found it doing a google search.
  4. Hi! I used photoshop and used the text box to type my eBay ID over the top. I guess people with good image tools could somehow 'rub' these out, but I figure that if they're going to go to all that trouble, they probably will just take their own photos instead!