How to do the Alma keys (hanging on the bag)

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  1. I searched the forum and couldn't find this but what's the instruction for the key and the leather strap for ALMA?

    As you can see in my picture where you tie the keys, the way i'm doing it now when i insert the leater strap into the "key pad" it seems to be too tight for the keys to completely fit in it... :sweatdrop:

    I feel dumb for asking such a basic question but is there a good way to do it? :P


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  2. #2 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    1. thread the long piece up the middle from the point of the small piece,
    2. put the long piece around your bag now (where you want it to go)
    3. then there should be a slot on the other end NOT the key end of the long piece that you then push the small pointed piece through (eg:it should like like how the keys are tied on the other end)
    4..... and wallllah your done!

    hope I haven't confused you further!

    congrats by the way!
  3. Thanks heychar, i've been playing around with it and I got the hang of putting it around the handle. My main concern is the key part that's suppose to fit in that little "pad" thingy is not fitting completely in the little "pad"

    So am I tieing the key right? or is there a better way to tie the keys so it's less bulky under the little "pad"...

    I feel retarded...:weird:
  4. I remember my SA did this for me she just pulled it through the small piece till the keys were hidden!
  5. :wtf: i'm scared.... okay lemme try :biguns:i don't want to break it! :blink:
    Thanks though! i always over complicate things.
  6. I totally understand my SA asked me if I wanted to do it myself I said "HELL NO" but it was fine once she had yanked it abit
  7. God darn i put the keys through but now i can't pull the whole thing through the bigger slit!... why can't they make the slit slightly bigger....
  8. Oh my goodness i finally got it through... i'm sweating like a pig now...
  9. yeh I sorta cringed as my SA did it as she forced it through the lil slit..... I was thinking hey you be careful.... lol,

    As there are 2 slits one for the keys and one for the end... is one bigger than the other? i'm asking as it will take me awhile to get mine out the box and i'm already in bed its 23:45 pm here
  10. Yippee well done, i'd be the exact same as you, :sweatdrop: to me it would most def be like mission impossible :ninja: