How to do makeup. any good websites?

  1. I am totally clueless when it comes to applying makeup! Somehow it always comes out wrong and I can never get any makeup artists at stores to show without a fee being charged. Can anyone recommend any good makeup techniques/tips sites? Thanks!!:heart:
  2. do a youtube search.. people post videos on how to apply makeup all the time... good luck
  3. There's a great tutorial section on the forum on
  4. I was also going to suggest Specktra!
  5. Really? They try to charge you a fee? I would think they'd help you for free if it meant that there's a chance you'll actually buy the products they used.
  6. I like the youtube ones too, some people have great tips- others well... dont.. but theyre fun to watch either way!
  7. aww thanks guys! :heart:
  8. I also like the temptalia website.
    She is flipping awesome and gives great tutorials.
  9. I'm pretty sure there are some videos on the Chanel site too!