How to do a bag swap? Has anybody done this?

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  1. Hi. A girl contacted me about a bag I'm selling and she offered to swap it for a vintage Birkin she has. I am planning to authenticate it first of course, but then how would be swap work? If I send my bag and I don't get hers, what do I do? Since there's no paypal involved

    I guess we could agree on a symbolic quantity of money and each pay each other via paypal? But I don't know if paypal will be covering that if there's a problem since it wouldn't be a "real" transaction.
  2. I've heard of these before on this forum. I would strongly suggest you reconsider...
    I assume your bag is a Chanel - if so, why would she swap a Birkin for a Chanel. It just doesn't match up. Be careful.

  3. Well, mine is almost new and hers is vintage but still, I know it doesn't match the selling price of each bag

    I'm curious to know how people do swaps..
  4. I'd only do a bag swap if I knew the person or at least developed some kind of relationship with them. I think Snapehbp on YouTube did a swap with someone who also has a Channel (a Hermes Garden Party for her new medium Boy). Also, it's best to do it in person so you can inspect the bag and make sure there are so defects or other things that might bother you. Once you make the swap with someone you don't know and regret it, it's really hard to undo it.
  5. +1
  6. Hopefully this isn't on tPF? :biggrin:
    Moving out of Chanel since it's not a specific Chanel topic. Good luck.
  7. First of all, I'll say that this sounds very suspicious.

    I've posted this before and I'll repeat it.

    A swap should NEVER be an even exchange without money being exchanged. NEVER!!

    Here are some posts where similar questions were asked. I suggested how it should be done:
  8. I wouldn't do it cos it's very risky. What if the person mail you a fake or an empty box. Unless you are able to meet up in person to do the transaction.
    Good luck. :smile:
  9. Don't do it.
  10. Remember these wise words....If it sounds too good to be true it probably is...
  11. Scammers will always find a way to scam. If this person wants to do a swap tell them to send their bag first and you will take it to Hermes then if it is OK you will mail your bag out. I bet they will say no....
    When people are desperate for what they think is a good deal is the times they get ripped off.

  12. But I think anyone would say no to this, though.
  13. While I don't disagree that it's a questionable offer, if payment is made through paypal as per my suggestion above (with payment for GOODS), you will have protection against INR and SNAD.

    But again, the listings and payment must be for the full value of the items (both yours and other person) in order to have full coverage.
  14. The op states the girl contacted her to do a swap. So if this girl is so honest let her send her bag first and let the op make sure it is real. Then the op can send hers out.

    We know this is 99% scam. How many times have people posted on the internet about being burned. No normal person is going to send a bag out to a stranger. It is say to print a label and make it seem like a package will be sent or send a empty box.

  15. It's true..
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