How to diversify my collection?

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  1. I've been staring at my collection of bags and there just seems to be something off about it. I just sold a bunch of bags that I didn't use anymore, but I just feel like there's something missing still. I think I'd like to diversify my collection more, but don't really know where to go from here.

    The brands that I have now are:

    Cole Haan
    Anya Hindmarch
    Juicy Couture (although I'm really thinking about getting rid of all of these since I'm feeling too old to have them)
    Francesco Biasia
    Betsey Johnson
    Kate Spade (I don't use these anymore, but am just hanging on to them for nostalgic reasons)
    Isabella Fiore

    I really want to make my collection more timeless, classic and grown up, but am not sure where to go from here.

    Any advice on how to diversify? Or any brands that I own that you think I should get rid of?

  2. uwhuskygirl -
    could you possibly take photos of your collection?
    just giving us brands and not colors/shape/or name of your bags makes it difficult to make sound recommendations.

    we're here to help!
  3. I still can't figure out to post pictures, but I have all of the pictures on Kodak. Can I post a link to my album?
  4. I think posting a link to your own album is ok here
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    Well, right off the top of my head, if that was my collection - my next target would be a Balenciaga First or City is some fabulous color. You have a lot of blacks, whites, greys, neutrals.......I'd get something that pops. Maybe a blue or red?

    Nice collection BTW!:tup:
  6. Or if a BBag is too much $$$, what about a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in a fabulous color?
  7. Colors sometimes brighten your day!
  8. I definitely agree that you could go for more colors! You have some pink but I definitely say more color!!
  9. Your collection is very nice but definitely a red or some other pop of color that you don't have yet.
  10. I think you should definitely add a red bag!
  11. i think your collection is great! i would focus on which bags are really your go-to bags. do you use them all equally? or do a few sit in your closet all the time? for me, that would be too many bags, i wouldn't get to wearing them all. i only have a few, but i love them so much and they work nicely with my clothes. so when i really start to want a new bag, i think about how it will work into the rotation. i like to have a few evening bags/clutches, a few casual weekend bags, and a few work bags. and it's nice when one can work in many settings. and a pop of color is definitely fun...but only if you will really wear it! i had a few pink bags that i got rid of recently because i just wasn't wearing them. i mostly stick to neutrals.
  12. great recommendation and think that ricky11 gave great comments on how to pare down your collection in order to "move forward" (focus on her comments to have work vs. casual's good advice).

    put them all on your bed (or other large space) and group them by color...
    for those that you don't use or hardly use...but them aside. see what you have and then think about the different uses for each bag. IF you have bags that "repeat" use...than think about edited here.

    from a quick look-see, you have many black bags that have similar shapes and you have several pink/fuschia bags of similar shape/function. think about editing here as well.

    It's optimal to have bag colors that over the basics:
    white or off white

    Now you can throw in color/texture to expand your collection, you have:

    now think about some other colors to round it out as well as other shapes.

    If you THINK a bag may be too "young" for you - than by all means great "rid" of it! Don't focus on the brand - focus on what makes you happy when you carry it!

    I liked the suggestion about having a smaller/evening type bag to have - it doesn't need to be formal looking. Just something that will work when you're out and about in the evenings!

    I hope I didn't rattle on too much.....and that this has been helpful. Remember, you have lots of time to tweek your collection and believe me, it will change over time!

    Good luck!
  13. Thank you so much for your input everyone. This has been very helpful.

    My thoughts are now to get rid of: all Rafe's, Juicy's and Anya's (those rarely ever get used) and 2 black bags.

    And acquire:

    Marc Jacobs Stam
    Goyard Jeanne
    Gucci Hosebit hobo
    Balenciaga City

    As for clutches, I don't use them that often, so I don't really spend too much on them. I buy those as needed, but do have a classic black satin clutch (that I didn't take a pic of) as a good stanby.
  14. i think you've already got some pretty timeless pieces such as the Cole Hanns. They all look pretty grown up to me lol. glad you're deciding to not get rid of them.
    The Franchesco Biasia bags have some grown up flare to them too ;). A style of sophistication. I don't think you're off in the wrong track and have a sense of great taste. The gucci bag is beautiful!
    LOL, the Anya's are cute, but i guess those would not be a bad idea to get rid of since you don't use them that often.
    I'm really diggin the Rafe bag on the far left, the grey one. it looks really cute and i could see it pretty functional with a business suit. the snap closure calls for classiness imo!
    I've always liked Kate Spade and i think you should no do without those. The messenger bag can always be used for a day trip or just toting things around (never know when it could come in handy!) while you have another purse on the side. But, i'm glad to hear that you're keeping the KS because i think that sam bag should definately be kept b/c 1.) it's your first KS bag 2.) the sam is a classic piece!
    The lamb bag is fun and funky and does not scream anything kiddish to me. It screams sophisticated fun and sass.
    I'm not really digging the Betsey Johnson, but i guess i hear you on how it might look better IRL/or when carried. Keep it if you like it.
    The Isabella looks so gorgeous! it's my color so i definately have to say keep that one. I'd love to get my hands on that baby if possible!
    Hmm..and last but not least, my 2 cents on the Juicy's are good move on deciding to get rid of them.
    Since you just have a black satin clutch, i think you ought to have a red clutch or some sort of red accessory! It's a must in every women's wardrobe to have a red sexy evening bag that makes her outfit go pop.

    I really like your list of purses you want to acquire! Good luck in selling and buying and i can't wait to see what you get in the future because you seem to have fun a great taste based on what i've seen through your photo album. Thanks for posting it!