How to disable the emergency call button?

  1. I never had this problem with my old phone :sad:
    My new galaxy nexus has a button on it that says emergency call...apparently it straight dials 911...lovely!!! So now that I am aware of this screen option when my phone is locked does anyone know if there is a way to disable it on android phones?? I was going through settings and searched google and couldn't come up with anything other than turning the lock feature off which isn't an option since I have photos, email, work email, facebook, etc set up on this phone. :sad:
    Now that I am aware of the button and what it does, I am afraid of touching it accidentally when I pull my phone out of my purse...Nothing like being overly aware and trying to be overly careful after all the stuff in the news about pocket dialing ugh!
  2. Only time I've heard of that is when you don't have a SIM installed.

    I did some googling and it seems it only comes up when there's a SIM issue.
  3. That's all I could come up with too but my sim card is fine. I can make calls and send texts. It's like my phone has a set programmed option so that when the phone is locked there is a button at the bottom of the screen under the numbers that says emergency call. It's a touch phone and I am always afraid when I am hitting the bottom row of numbers in my password that I will slip and accidentally hit the emergency call button and call 911!! Or if I grab my phone out of my purse in that spot and happen to hit it I straight dial 911 and wouldn't even know it!
  4. Have you taken it back to your carrier to ask if it's supposed to be that way?
  5. No, but I did email them and they said it was supposed to be there when the phone was locked. They said you can download apps to block it. :| Don't understand why they wouldn't just program something into the phone that would disable it so I wouldn't have to download anything! I am going to try and find an app later tonight after my exams and see if that disables it.
  6. Odd. I just don't understand why they would have that there with a fully functioning phone. Like I said, that button usually appears when you don't have a SIM in there so you can use the phone only for emergencies.
  7. apparently it's something programmed on all smart phones that if you password protect your phone you get a emergency button. Such a dumb move and now I'm paranoid because of all the latest stuff in the news about ways they can eliminate pocket dialing 911.
  8. You know're right. I just enabled the PW protection for my phone. Here's the deal, when you press the "emergency call" button, it doesn't automatically call anything. It just pops up a dial pad. Try it.
  9. Does it really? :lol: Crap it does!! Then I guess I have nothing to worry about. They were talking about it on TV about the emergency call buttons directly contacting 911 and about having thousands and thousands of pocket dials. They were telling people to disable the option so I have been trying to do that for like a week!
  10. It's OK! :smile:

    I was sitting there thinking "There's no way this will directly call 911 if I press it...will it? Should I try it? Ok...get ready to press the end call button ASAP!" Then I pressed it and nothing happened.

    Cellular letdown! ;)
  11. Actually, that button is pretty handy. I've used it to report an accident on the highway.

    I don't think cellphone makers are concerned with the issue, because you have to have skin contact to enable the button. I had my phone with a lock screen, with the 911 direct dial for over a year and no pocket dials to 911 happened. I wouldn't worry about it. :smile:
  12. n the contrary, do worry about. I just dialed 911 last night. Unaware this happened, I received a call from 911 asking if I was ok.
  13. my boyfriend has pocket called 911 over dozens of times. When he called the phone manufacturers ( Sharp ) they said " i'm looking at a phone just like yours, don't see it- sorry, can't help. " really :wtf: ??!! His sims is working fine, and he's had the problem before and after he's put password protection on it. It's really frustrating, we'd like to find a way to stop it. Any other suggestions... So there's an app. that may disable it? Anyone got a link to an app. that will work?