How to differentiate 04 Rose and Lilac

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am quite new to this but I enjoy all this great exchange going on... :smile:

    I have a 04 city but am not sure if its a rose or lilac. The B boutique in Singapore says its a light fuschia...

    Any clue?
  2. It should be pretty easy to tell...Lilac is very much a purple, almost mauve color, and Rose should be a pretty vibrant medium pink. Do you have a picture? Hope this helps!
  3. Hi, thanks for yr quick reply:smile:

    Yup, more mauve. I have not taken pics with my bags yet... Will post ssoon when I get my 07 bags.

  4. Easiest would be to go to Ateliernaff's blog and compare it to the swatches. It's an accurate way to tell when you're not sure. Good luck! ;)
  5. Wow - another Singapore Bbag lover! :yahoo:Welcome in!

    Posting pics will be the easiest for us to help, but from what I've seen, lilac is a slightly lighter hue while the rose is darker.
  6. Welcome Stefeilnately! Another comrade...ekekekekek! :yahoo:
    Btw have the boutique called you for the SS07 color swatches yet? Am waiting frantically by my hp for their call....sigh
  7. Their swatches are just photos. You can see the same thing on atelier.naff.
  8. listrikmu, do you know the retail of Bbags in Singapore? I've never tried getting them there, but I heard it's higher than in the US? Cos if that is... I probably won't even stop into the boutique :yes:
  9. Don't step in unless it is only to check out colours and try on for size. Sale items are never moto styles (although there was a cornflower boobie last week and sale prices are equivalent to retail elsewhere). Order from LVR (best), or Aloha Rag (second best).
  10. Roxanne: Yep... their 'swatches' are indeed photos...but kindda gives a better feel as they're usually photos of the bag themselves....& I wanna confirm my name in the waiting list (incase there is one for the bag I'm eyeing) :graucho:
    Pyrexia: Ok here's what i can remember, the prices are ard these range, give or take, in Spore $$...
    Day- SGD1.6K++
    City- SGD2.3K
    Twiggy- SGD2.1K++
    Bowling- SGD2.1K++
    Work- SGD2.4K++
    Weekender- SGD2.6K++ ......Am I right...does anyone else know the approx amt?:shrugs:

    So is cheaper there in the States?
    Roxane is right...most of the time when i step in the boutique, there are never any city, work, weekender styles available.. all sold out. I went there last mth and there was a lonesome truffle twiggy and a dark green work... but a few days later...even those were snapped up. The only thing left are a few first, bowling, mini-bowling, afternoon, mid-afternoon and days.
  11. My only concern is shipping and customs...if it amts to the same as the boutique here in spore, then I might as well just step in and enjoy the 'buying' experience..... but i guess LVR & AR may have more selection than here....:P
  12. listrikmu, we should meet up and go select our 07 bags together... Hee :smile:

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  13. Ekekekeke...did u mean to PM me...saw those funny jargons at the bottom. Sure thing...we can pm each other...btw post pics of your current BBag at 'photos wearing your bbags' yeah...:wlae:
  14. Hi, sorry I am new to this... What does it mean to "pm".. Don't know how it got there... Oops...

    I have difficulty posting it... Have emailed sucessfully though... How long have you been a fan of B bags? :smile:
  15. The City is USD1195 at Aloha Rag with free shipping. They always under-declare the value of their bags to less than USD300, so the GST is only 5% of this amount, plus a SGD10 handling charge by FedEx. You go do the math and see if it is cheaper...