How to differenciate FAKE vs REAL bbags...

  1. Hi, I've been reading posts on how you ladies are able to tell which bbag is real or fake. How can you tell with just a glance? What do you look for and that's the greatest indication, since I don't have all the colors memorized and when they came out. Do the good fake ones really look fake cause I probably won't know the difference irl. Help! Thanks.
  2. it's hard to do it at just a glance, but it's pretty easy to spot real leather in the light or bright colors if you're familiar with bbags in general. there's no sure thing, you just have to know the bags. i also look at hardware color and the shape of the bales and buckles if i can get fairly close.
  3. thanks for all the helpful info, i have to do some balenciaga studying. LOL
  4. i have about a dozen real bal bags bc i am the only owner from legit sources. i can tell a fake in person no problem bc i have seen most colors over the years IRL. however, i still find pix tricky to decipher! the girl on PF are very helpful in educating me in deciphering pix. thanks PFers!