How to describe perfect leather to SA?

  1. I am in the process of picking out my Greige City, and am having trouble finding the right words to describe the leather I want to my SA :confused1: I'm going for a smushy, non-shiny, non-veiny look...Any other suggestions to ensure I get the best leather possible?? :drool:
  2. Hum... maybe one that doesn't look quite so "new" ?
  3. i am learniing from the forum that ((thickest)) leather is lovely too:love:
    dear i am in the same process now.. and i have been trying to know what does (non veiny) look or mean? english is not my first language and i tried searching etc.. but couldnt really understand the word in terms of b bag crateria :sad: i know (non shiny.. matt.. ) but non veiny? :confused1:
  4. Any Balenciaga SA worth her salt will know what you mean when you tell them smooshy, less-shiny, matte and non-veiny.
  5. I tell them that I don't want the marbled white veins running through it, especially shows on the darker colors. I like distressed leather, but I don't like marbley leather. I don't prefer totally smooth leather and I like a little shine, not completely dull. It will get dull with time.
  6. I agree about the thickness. In my opinion, veiny leather can be conditioned into beautiful matte, soft leather...but the thickness of the leather is something you can't change.
  7. So true, mpark46. I wasn't thrilled with the back of my black city....a little too veiny and marbled. I conditioned the hell out of it and it looks awesome now!