How to decline a special order?

  1. I was wondering if you all have good advice on how to decline a special order. Who here has done it and did it affect the relationship with your SA? In my case I have both a Birkin and Kelly coming up. Due to finances I've decided I would prefer to buy the Birkin only. How do I tell the SA that I can't afford them both? Can I ask them to try to display it in the store and try to sell it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I think it depends on your SA. Most of time, they don't mind it at all if you decline a bag, but I have seen a SA got offended by her client declined a Birkin bag after she(SA) went through troubles to make a space for her to order her bag(I've heard there is a limited number of Birkins/Kellys each store can order per podium or per year).
  3. One time a customer declined a "special order" Kelly, I happened to be at the store and immediately bought it. I really don't think they have problems selling the bags.
  4. I turned down a white birkin once, when I ordered it I did not have children. But by the time it came in I was 8 months pregnant and the bag did not seem lifestyle appropriate. I simply told them that. I also know that it takes them about 30 seconds to sell the bag to someone else. So I wouldn't even worry about explaining that you are only able to purchase one of the bags. I mean come on, it is a 10k bag-they should understand not buying two!
  5. Is it a special order or just the order? If it's s a special order with tricolor with different color lining or anything unusual with your choices, then they probably would mind a little but if it's just an order on waiting list, I am sure they don't mind at all. (This is what happen at my local boutique.)
  6. What kind of special order is it?
  7. WHERE is the special order? (starts stampeding....) :lol:
  8. Nothing to worry about really - if you turn down a Birkin or a Kelly it will fly out of the shop anyway particularly if it is in a neutral or standard colour. If it turns up and you really don't like it there is nothing to make you buy it. If you can explain any change of circumstance to the SAs before it comes in as a courtesy to them, as a courtesy to you they probably won't even bother you with it - out of sight out of mind! Just be honest, at least you'll get 1 fabulous bag.
  9. Unfortunately, I have never had this issue to deal with. LOL

    However, I agree that they will be able to sell it very quickly.
  10. Well, here is a better idea, see if someone here would like a Kelly bag and this way you can make one PFr very happy and keep a nice relationship with your SA. Just a thought...
  11. I think the bag will sell easily....and I really don't think the SA will be upset..there's usually a list of customers desiring both a Kelly and Birkin..
  12. ^ Ita!