How to deal with those 'creases'

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  1. I got my 4th used Balenciaga bag :P and it is GORGEOUS! But it had a crease in the back from storing it probably folded without stuffing. I searched the forum about getting rid of creases and found one suggestion and trying that out right now. Has anyone had success in getting rid of it eventually? I am posting a picture of my crease. The bag is BEAUTIFUL and I have no complaints to the seller, etc! I understand that it is used, but just want to see if the crease will disappear or stay permanently.
    I appreciate any stories and more suggestions! Thank you!!!:flowers:
    crease2.jpg crease.jpg
  2. Have you tried smoothing it over something while heating it with a hair dryer? I have never tried that on a purse, but it worked on a leather jacket that I left crumpled up in the backseat of my car for a week.
  3. oooh pretty... is it caramel city?
    maybe you can try pinch and massage the leather?
  4. I would use it- the weight of whatever you are gonna carry in your bag should smooth it out in short time!

    eta: and then stuff it correctly when you store it!
  5. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! Please post more pics of the whole thing! :yes:
  6. Ooooh...that color and the leather is soooo fine! Would you post the whole bag? I don't even notice the crease, I was awestruck by bag!!:smile:
  7. I know, those darn creases are annoying! I would love to know how to get rid of them too.
  8. I think it helps to stuff the bags (but not tight) when storing them. It might take a bit, but I know the crease in one of my bags has significantly disappeared.
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