How to deal with my manager?

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  1. #1 Jan 6, 2009
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    I have a string of bad managers and it's even given me health problems last year. I requested to transfer to a team that had good people unfortunately the team got disbanded. I then got transferred to another team with a pretty good and supportive manager but unfortunately that manager left. My current manager has been in the department for a long time and recently came back after a short stint elsewhere.

    I have some issues with current manager and have some options on how to deal with him that I hope others will be able to help and chime in with their thoughts. I think he wants certain people to be in his team (that have been working with him for a long time), and he also wants another person that worked for him before to be in his team again, but currently our team is full. The reason for this observation is that he treat others in my team normally but seems to be single me out, I will explain why I feel this way below.


    Under the direction of my ex-manger, I start to take over a monthly task to do with accounting and be the point of contact to liaise with the accounting department. My colleague that is suppose to hand over the work is still acting as the liaison, I am not told the due date, got few and incomplete contact emails, missing information and have no documentation to work with, leading me to depend on the colleague to explain things to me for the first few months. I have repeatedly ask my colleague to redirect the liaison work to me but he feigns innocence and told me that there's not much contacting work involve. I am still at the stage where I am doing the work and he is sending the work over and being the contact person.

    I could confront my current manager about this but this is what is happening.

    1. My current manager knows I have taking over this task, he still wants my colleague (who is the same level as I) to be involve with another task for the accounting department. He will discuss with my colleague about the work and leave me out. I am treated like the support and backup person (doing most the grunt work).

    2. It has got to the point today that even though I am sitting right behind my colleague, my manager asks my colleague on how I am progressing with the task and haven't even spoke to me at all today. My colleague told him I am nearly done (how would he know how I am progressing? I am waiting for some information from him so I can finish my work and it's still a fair bit and I will need to check it, of course he won't tell my manager those things). I was fuming inside but kept quiet, I can be emotional and I don't want to speak when I am in that mode.

    I have come up with 2 options on what I could do.

    Next time my manager ask another person about my work progress I would chime in assertively and tell him myself, or

    Ask to speak to my manager privately about this behavior and tell him I am capable of updating him on my progress and myself knows my own progress best.

    A side issue is I overheard my colleague when another person ask him about handing over the liason work and he basically said my manager doesn't think it's necessary. My colleague is sneaky and flavored by my manager so I have to be careful how I deal with this.

    I have other work issues as well but I won't go into them. I got the feeling he doesn't like me as when I see him he would turn his face around and once gave my a dirty look then walked the other way. When I have questions about work he is dismissive and not helpful.

    It'll be good to hear about others thoughts.

    I don't mind the work I am doing now and would have been happy to stay for the stability, I have also put in the effort to get to a level I am happy with for a few years (I plan to have a child in a couple of years). It's very disheartening as I do produce good work and am capable. I am tire of moving teams at the moment but it seems like the best thing for me to do is to try and transfer out, I won't quit and lose my entitlements, but it's quite hard in this economic environment.
  2. Well, honestly, I don't think any of his or your co-workers actions are that bad, JMHO.

    When people work together over long periods they have a chance to be build a trust and comfort level. While, that can be frustrating to new team members it is very understandable and actually leads to better work situations.

    If you harboring these ill feelings toward him and people he trusts, he probably senses it and that could be the reason you two are not 'clicking'.

    I would try to be a bit more relaxed and more of a team player.
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