How to deal with impatient buyer int. sale?

  1. Hi guys I need some input here, I did sell a bag in the beginning of the month, buyer payed promptly, I had a car problem so could only go to the PO 3 days later. The item was mailed out on the 10th of march, via french colissimo tracked and insured, which says it takes approx. 5-10 days to US.
    I know that for some reason really don't know which post is a bid slow right now I send a package that took about 14 buisness days to get to LA a couple of weeks before that.
    The tracking service of the french post isn't great it still says item left territory (France) on the 14th march.
    I know how frustrating it can be to be on the receiving end. I had to wait 2 weeks for a global express package send from NY.:sweatdrop:

    I told the buyer I would file a claim at the PO by the end of the week if it hasn't arrived by then.
    Now my buyer mailed me back she would file a claim for non received item by the end of the week:shrugs: .

    What do you think I should do I think she is way too impatient having been on both ends what transatlentic transactions are concerned, you always need to take a post or customs delay into consideration.
    I don't know whow to make her understand that...she has great feedback but I don't think does a lot of international buying. I have great feed back as well so...what would you do? I really hope she will receive her package before the end of the week but in case she doesn't I really don't want to end up with a dispute or chargeback for something I just can't be hold responsible for!!!
  2. well i dont think paypal will really look into it unless it's been 30 days since she won the item
  3. I hate buyer like that! I ever consigned my bag to my friend's auction and got BIN. Thought the buyer will cut my neck with kept asking for reduce and reduce after clicked BIN even didn't send immediately payment BUT 2 days after she made payment, kept asking me to ship her bag :push: Sounding like I'll gone with her bag and money :yucky:

    Anyway, it's about 17 days only, right?? It's rid, why she can wait for a few times more? My packages from USA & Europe usually take 3-6 weeks!
  4. did you tell her you had car troubles and you were not bale to ship it 3 days after and thats part of why their is a delay.
  5. Thought impatient buyer like that won't accept any reason. My impatient buyer won't hear that my city even country got flood by rain storm. She kept asking me to go to post office ( :push: ) while all the offices incl. post office closed by that flood.
  6. I know the post office here in the US won't even look in to an international package unless it's been 30 days, international shipping takes a while, and i'm pretty sure that paypal will tell her that as well.
  7. Thanks everybody for your help, I will get back to her today and try to make her understand all this, hope she will listen...
  8. give her all the tracking info you have & point out to her that you hsipped it within 3 days & unfortunately, you can't be held responsible for the speed (or lavk of ) the US postal system. However, you do appreciate her concern & you'll keep an eye on its progress, if she hasn't go it in another 10 days you'll start making enquiries but you cna't do any more right now as you've
    been advised to wait til 30 days have passed.

    Also, theres a very good chance its held up in customs, in which case no one will be able to hurry it up.
  9. the only eBay transaction i've ever gone through, i'm still in the middle of. both parties minds were set at ease, as i made a deal with my fabulous seller to wait till friday (bless her soul), when she called me and we gabbed on about it. maybe a phone call TO THE BUYER would put them at ease????

    good luck honey!
  10. Oh I am just sooooo upset here is what I told the buyer in my last message:

    Hi, there I totally understand your impatience and really hope you will get your bag very soon. I think it's premature to file a non received item claim. As you know the bag was shipped on the 10th of march so it's been travelling for 18 days I know this seems very long but interntional shipping can be a pain sometimes, it might simply be stuck in customs.
    I had to wait something like 14 buisness days a little over two weeks for a bag I purchased from a seller in NY. Usually NY to France is very quick! If you want I can scan the deposit slip for you. Anyway I really hope it will arrive even today,please keep me posted
    kind regards

    I think I was really nice and polite...So her answer: she turned around and filed a paypal claim right away.
    saying it takes 20 days anyway and that it's enough time for the package to arrive.:wtf: :confused1:
    Just in the meentime my paypal account says it's suspended/blocked because of this claim. This is the first time ever something like that has happened to me. I can't believe it!!!
    The buyer wanted me to declare lower value which I have done in the past here and there depending on the buyers feedback, but told her that it was risky so she agreed on me declaring full value I am happy I didn't give in to her request!!!

    Oh this is so maddening. I just hope she is honest, the bag is tracked and will only be delivered against signature...ahhh grrrrrhhh. I will go to my PO tomorrow to file an insurance claim but I know that they really don't bother before 30 days. Which I understand.

    Oh I am really sick of eBay!!!
  11. that buyer needs to friggin relax. you have sent her correspondence, nicely and professionally, to let her know all this and still she insists on filing a claim? well, you have tracking info, so you should be covered. p/p can't side with her until the item is proven not received. and i think you actually have 30 days to finish a transaction with shipping. check out a recent thread by swanky mamma of three when she asks about eBay and paypal payment and ship times. all the best info is in there and should help you out. as long as you know the facts and how ebay and paypal see it, you should br properly armed.
  12. Thanks I will check it out. I really think this buyer is very rude to act like that. She has a few neutrals as well as 3 negs but all for selling which she does way more than buying what I had not seen before she retracted 5 bids in the last months!
    When she saw that I had accepted her offer she acted surprised but did pay promptly hope she doesn't try to scam me sorry I am maybe a bid paranoid but I just can't get why people act that way!:shrugs:
  13. Oh I'm so sorry you ended up with one of bad ones as a buyer. I agree international shipping times can be incredibly inconsistent and I really don't think you could have been more reasonable. Can you track the parcel? Is there any way of knowing whether it is in the dreaded customs or still somewhere over the Atlantic ocean?