How to deal with false negative retaliatory feedback?

  1. I posted this somewhere else, but my frustration makes me feel like this deserves a new thread for all those in the same boat.

    What do you do when a seller leaves you neg feedback because you complained about their service?

    I paid for an item in an hour after it ended. The seller gave me a tracking number- that number didn't scan for 10 days, and got to me in 2 weeks, when we only live about a 20 minute drive from another. It also came in a plain envelop and was all crinkled when it arrived.-it was a collector's item without box either. He then lies and gives me neg fb, saying I'm a con artist that takes forever to pay and follows up, lying more that he has proof. What can you do about these situations?
  2. First, respond to the Neg calmly - by appending your views after it. Say something like, "Seller must have me confused with someone else, I paid within minutes of auction end."

    Have you left them feedback yet? Obviously, the thing to do is to leave them negative - and then negotiate a mutual withdrawal of feedback, which eBay does allow.

    If you've already left a positive, there's nothing you can do to get that feedback withdrawn. But don't sweat it too much - people rarely ban potential buyers merely because of negatives - especially if it's only one or two. After a year, IIRC, it rolls off your counter anyway.

    You can easily get a new buyer ID (just register under a different email on eBay) and still pay with the same paypal account that you now use. You can start building feedback on that new ID with small purchases and then transfer over to using it, if having the 1 neg really bothers you.

    How many items have you purchased? If this is going to give you like a 50% score - just buy some perfume samples or some other small thing and get a few more racked up, your stats will improve right away.