How to deal? Colleague carries fakes to irk me

  1. :confused1: There is this real loud mouth classless b*** at work who sits next to me. She is supposed more senior and experienced.. single , 40's. She likes to think she is the centre of attention in a team (you know the type, always have an opinion, know the composer, length, album name of the song playing on the radio, red low cut translucent blouses when we all wear black suits) and uper management likes her cause they think she is a warm, happy and enthusiastic camper..she is the type that can drop the CEO's kids names but is clueless about what her assistant's ( 10 yr work relationship) 3 kids are called BUT all the people who work with her know she is a psychopath Ted Bundy type who backstabs by putting people down.
    In some meetings, she undermined me by trying "correct" my figures quoted (I was right and had to email out the facts to correct the impression post meeting). She will pretend to be best friends with the newcomers ( the type tht knows the colour of the newcomer's underwear) and everyone but turn around and strike you with reverse PR when you are down or away. She will laugh and tell me my Fendi Spy has a lot of fakes and are selling for $55 at Charles and Keith (neighbourhood shoe store).
    After the last incident where she undermined me in front of a client and I told her nicely to back off, she stopped talking to me. I keep her at arm's length and treat her as you would a snake... keep your distance and watch cautiously, tread carefully. Lately, she has been carrying a balenciaga city fakes ( $20 at chatuchak market). I know it is to irk me as she know I like B and used to tell me she never understood why it was so nice (???)
    but funnily whatever I had, she wanted. Also, now she creates maximum noise in office but loudly talking abt work topics and a few of us don;t rise to the ocassion to join in. Also, she will wait for my reply on an email thread to the team and then reply on the thread after DELETING my response... so the secretary does not get my response on dates etc. B*** !!!!!!!!!:cursing: Don;t talk abt going to supervisor, they are weak and ineffectual.. this is why it became like that...cause with poor mgt, this B*** wants to show she is good to keep her job and that she deserves more bonus. Also, she is smart to keep all these below the belt hits "above board".
    Ok How to deal?:hysteric: Do I start carrying my real ones to the office?:idea: I just don't want to stoop to her level. We B girls have class, correct? :supacool:
  2. I work in a tough environment too. I used to get really emotional and worked up. But I think workplace adversaries enjoy that. To be totally honest, I got myself a prescription for Effexor and now things roll off a lot easier. It may be working, or it may be like a placebo. But who cares which it is? My moods are much more even and it's helped me to adopt an, "I don't like XXXX, and I don't much care what he/she thinks about me" attitude.
  3. Yes, we do have class. I would carry whatever you would bring to work normally, B-bag or otherwise. I wouldn't let her immature behavior cause you to stoop to her level. Sounds like she envies you anyway.
  4. If she is the way she says she is, she wont last for long...

    Even if she does, I am sure that most are aware of what she is really like.

    Work can be a 'fake' place sometimes, but continue to be yourself, and those who matter will like you for who you are...

    Jealosy is a curse :smile:
  5. She is insecure. Its really rough to deal with these kinda people
  6. it's sooo frustrating dealing with such petty, insecure people. but really, that's what she is. she may bring you down at work, and annoy the crap out of you, but at least at 5pm you can wipe your hands of her and be done with her each day. i know it's easier said than done, but really don't let her bother you! you're a much classier person than she is, and better liked in the office, and probably a much better employee as well. don't let her bad energy rub off on you. thats when people like that win-- when they suck others into their little head trips. if she wants to strut in with her fake bags, and try to put you down, who CARES? the people who KNOW the real deal know better than to give her a second look. among the people that really matter, ther's no doubt who comes out on top. =)
  7. In all seriousness, I was miserable at work -- it's a highly competitive environment -- until I decided that the opinions of petty, conniving backstabbers mean nothing to me. Don't give her the satisfaction of making you miserable.
  8. hear hear :drinks:

  9. ditto. don't let her get to you. don't play the game. focus on you and what you want to do and not how it's going to affect her.
  10. Poor Lucidbabe - we Bbag ladies most certainly have class and will stand by our real bags alllllll the way! I think the girl from work might just be jealous of you being more popular/having MUCH nicer bags than her and hopefully she'd come to terms with it and stop bothering you :yes:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Gurl, I am SO with you on that!!! Effexor has been my life-savior for the last 2-3 years. NOTHING bothers me anymore....I refuse to let toxic people affect my life.

    LUCIDBABE: hang in there...she's messing with you, trying to get a rise out of you...don't take the bait because you will never win. People like her get a charge out of implanting self-doubt in people and watching them fumble. You need to learn the art of being allies with your enemies without getting burned. :yes:
  12. Thank you my classy friends. :yes: I do agree. Get in, do the thang, get out and focus on my own life. I do not have to live vicariously through the workplace! Focus on the monthly $$ and the B bags I am acquiring. wherefore art thou, Anthracite city?? :drool:
  13. Thanks for the affirmation on that. I have always worked in highly competitive environments and I think it brings out the worst in me. I would be so wound up, and inside I would be thinking, "What's wrong with me? This is nothing and I am so overly emotional." I'm much happier and easier to live with now.:wlae:
  14. Yes , out with the toxicity. We are warm life affirming, B- connoisseurs!
  15. I once had a similar experience with a co-worker. She and I were on the same level as managers, and she was absolutely impossible to deal with. She was very mean to her staff most of the time, pretending to be their friend and then hanging them out to dry whenever she needed a scapegoat. I absolutely LOVED my staff (after all, they were helping me!) and I'm still friends with ALL of them to this day -- it's been about 6 years since we last worked together. Long story short, she hated, hated, hated me and tried her best to make me look bad every chance she got. Everyone knew what she was about, though, so nothing really stuck. I got really mad only every once in a while.

    It didn't stop until she left the company. She ran her unit well enough that they weren't going to fire her, but when she left they folded her unit into mine and were glad to do it.

    You're best off ignoring her completely. ESPECIALLY ignore the bag issue. Paying any attention at all will only encourage her very bad behavior. Before long, she'll find someone else to pick on...