how to darken a lipstick?

  1. I just got dolce vita, and its very pink, it looks like i had a pink popsicle lol. i'm not sure if i'm just not use to it, like i was to chantaco, but is there anything i can do? suggestions for a pencil?
  2. can't you exchange for a darker color?

    if not, get a transparent lipstick in black or something close to it and put it over your lipstick. Hazel Bishop used to have a lipstick darkener (I dont think they make it anymore) and basically that's what it was -- a transparent black liptick
  3. ^^i used it though.
  4. and?

    you can still return it from most stores with a good return policy. where did you buy it from?
  5. I always layer my lipsticks, lip stains and lip glosses. Maybe you can alter the color by putting a darker gloss over it.
  6. Use a darker color liner under (depending how dark you want to make it) or a darker color gloss over it.
  7. ^^really? bloomingdales
  8. Use a dark color lip liner.
  9. It depends on which direction you want the darkness to go. If you look best in a darker blue-red tone, mix it with blue eyeliner. If you are going for a red-brown, mix it with brown eyeliner.

    If you have trouble doing this, you can hold the eyeliner under the hot water to soften it, or if you are really hard core and nobody is watching, take a Bic lighter to it and it will fall in molten drops onto your mixing surface, and be cool enough to touch and apply to your lips while still nearly liquid, at which instant you dab bits of it onto your pink-lipsticked lips until the desired shade is obtained.

    Or you could just go to CVS and get you a nice $2 one in the color you want.
  10. I saw a popular line of color corrector lipsticks that come in black, blue, yellow, etc... specifically to change the color of the lipstick. It's driving me crazy, I can't remember the line. I want to say MAC Pro.... but I don't see it on their site.
  11. i would just return it to Bloomingdales. If its not the color you want why bother to go out and buy more lipsticks or glosses to make it better? I think they will even exchange it for a color you like. Try the new color on..go outside in the sun with a mirror and see if you like it in that light.
  12. if you had bought it at sephora, you would have no trouble at all about exchanging it.

    Bloomies -- they put a special bar code sticker on everything they sell in the cosmetic dept. If you still have that bar code sticker, you can exchange