how to cure a swet tooth?

  1. Hello all!

    Im trying to lose 10 pounds and have started eating healthier, I dont have a problem eating healthy meals..Its the snacking that ruins it for me! I love chocolate, ice cream, frappucinos..I always cave in and end up ruining my diet. What are some healthier low fat options for when the sweet tooth strikes? tia!
    *sorry for mispelling the title :biggrin:
  2. fruit? they have sweet ones. like pinapple. yum yum
  3. Fruit or fresh vegetables are good options - and if it's really bad, sugar free sweets or diet coke etc.

    The only way to beat a sweet tooth is to stand tall and NOT eat sugar - it can take up to two weeks before you feel it working, but it's all worth it :smile:
  4. I keep ruining my eating plan like that too. I am having zero fat vanilla yogurt often hits the spot and if you want a bit more to chew on, crumble in a digestive...mmmm
  5. I totally understand! I used to crave cupcakes ALL THE TIME. However I cut down to eating it about once every 2 months. Whenever I am craving for something sweet I eat some sweet fresh fruits (not canned), Fage Greek Yogurt that comes with fruit on the side (strawberry is my fav), dark chocolate usually does the job for me, . As you decrease your intake of those sweet snacks, your cravings will soon disappear. Everything in moderation is important too!
  6. Fudgesicles!!! I beleive one has about 60-70 calories in it! As long as you have one you'll be fine!
  7. yeah... fruit doesn't really do it for me. when i want something sweet i want chocolate or something worse.
    i found these cookies at the baron's marketplace by me... Josephs Lite Cookies - Fat Free - Cookies not much sodium, fat free, they have fiber in them. it's just about portion control. also, i love to drink these... LightFull Foods - Satiety Smoothies you can see the nutrition info if you go to the 'nutrionals' section of the site. but yeah... those cookies are fat free, but that doesn't men you can eat the whole bag. you just have to stick with a serving and thats that. also weight watchers makes these good chocolate cakes. they're in the bread section of my grocery store and they're only 1 point. and healthy choices makes these tdf ice cream sandwiches that are 130 calories. i think one of my favorites though is swiss miss makes a diet hot chocolate with no fat and only 25 calories. to have it plain it's not all that tasty so i add two packets of splenda to it... sooooo good. and something about it being hot really puts the end to your craving. anyway, hope that helps.
  8. I just buy hershey's kisses and keep them in the pantry. Two or three of them (especially the dark ones) really kick off a craving without being too bad for you.
  9. When I get a craving for sweets I eat fat free pudding or graham crackers...helps with the craving and won't ruin your diet!
  10. I used to have a problem with sweets. I think it was more of a habit than a craving. After giving them up cold turkey I don't have a desire for them anymore. And I've added more fruit into my diet. I agree...after two weeks it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Good luck!
  11. There are LOTS of 100 calorie snacks available these days!! Breyer's has 100 calorie ice cream cups...there are Cadbury Thins which are 100 calories each.

    You don't need to completely cut out sweets just because you're eating healthy. It's all about balance!!

    If you're in a situation where you are having a really hard time curbing your cravings then chew a piece of sugar free fruit flavored gum...that sometimes helps me!!
  12. if you crave something only have a little bit of it. ie if you want ice cream, just eat a spoonful and savor it instead of eating too much of it and then feeling guilty afterward
  13. Try 70% or 80% chocolate if you haven't already. I have a KILLER sweet tooth and I don't like fruit but I find that one line (now I sound like a drug addict) of high cocoa content chocolate usually satisfies my cravings.
  14. there are so many options out there now. the best thing you can do is cater to your sweet tooth sensibly. check out the snack and frozen aisles. the skinny cow makes some great ice cream desserts. as for chocolate, dark chocolate is good for you in moderation. try drizzling it over pineapple or strawberries. also, angel food cake is like eating air! and you can bake your own healthier oatmeal cookies with applesauce instead of butter and whole wheat flour. good luck!
  15. people have been giving a lot of good advice:tup:

    just take it slow and gradually back down on your sugar intake. i would suggest keeping a food diary of just the sweets you eat so that you are more conscious of the sources of sugar in your diet.

    don't try to cut it out cold turkey, go slowly!