How to create narrow waistline?

  1. I used to wear a belt as part of highschool's uniform and my waistline was only 23". Then I stopped wearing a belt in college, and my waistline increased to 25" although I was lighter than when I was in highschool around 6 lbs. I'm now early 30s and my waistline is 28". I'm so horrified! I'm wondering if I go back to wear a belt again, will my waistline get narrower?? I heard that a restrictive or tight clothes including girdles and belts can interrupt blood circulation in our bodies. Does anybody know anything about this issue? If you have succeeded in narrowing your waistline, please share your story with us. Thanks a bunch.
  2. my mom told me that after she had me (im the second one born) she would walk around or even sleep in what we call a 'girdle' or something like that. make sure that its not extra tight where if you drink something it sits in your esophagus. lol

    her figure was back to normal
  3. I have to agree with Jahpson. I've looked into this online and, strangely, there is a community of very strange folks *imo*, male and female, who use corseting and girdling to decrease their waist circumferences to freakishly *again, imo* small numbers. It certainly works, but I would also be concerned about the safety of doing at, at least in an extreme form. Google 'waist training' for how it's done and probably info on the health risks. I'm sure it's pretty harmless if you're just wanting to take off a couple inches.
  4. Check out this gal. She's hardcore.
  5. Hula hooping 30mins everyday.
    Corset is better than panty girdles the latter digs into flesh creating artificial spare tyres yuck!
  6. Oops...broke my link to the woman with the world's smallest waist.

  7. I shudder to think what her internal organs look like.
  8. ^^^ LOL! I think there's nothing there... just the spine? :p
  9. I found that certain types of exercise like plank work and oblique ab work made my waistline thicker by bulking up the muscles. Conversely, I found that Oriental dance (belly dance) really slims it in proportion to my hips. Clean eating also helps, as I tend to gain weight around my mid-section.
  10. Reducing body fat is a result of a combination of clean eating, cardio workouts and weight training. You can't wear a certain belt or garment that will help you lose body fat.

    You cannot spot reduce, or just lose fat in a certain area of your body. If you have a tendency to gain weight around your middle, you won't be able to just target that specific area. Genetics plays a large part in this.

    What works is developing a healthy eating plan and sticking to it and regular workouts, along with core work for your middle.

    And I wouldn't be complaining too much about a 28-inch waist. My waist measures 28 inches, and I wear a size 6 or 8 in pants that sit on my hips. I think I look pretty damn good ;)
  11. Yikes! I just got out of anatomy class (we were studying the abdomen, in fact), and I'm getting grossed out picturing where the heck her liver went!
    I think you get this tiny waist by warping the cartillage on your false/floating ribs? Weird.
  12. cardio cardio cardio combined with lean muscle ab work (ie yoga/pilates) slims ur waist down
  13. you can actually corset your waist down. just look at Dita Von Teese.

  14. I'm a pretty stout build and I can't believe these pictures. I watched an episode of CSI where there was a huge family civil war guy who wore his dad's dad's dad's and so on's whale bone corset. When the autopsy took place the medical examiner definitely made mention at the placement of his internal organs. It even effected where his heart sat because everything else had to go somewhere. I've pretty much forced myself to accept that if I want my jeans to fit better I either need to diet and exercise(my current plan) or buy some bigger jeans :smile:
  15. Ughh to the pictures...