how to coordinate navy blue bag?

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  1. i found a lovely navy blue bag on sale at a great price!

    the design is one that I've had my eye on for a couple years.. while the color is not. the bag comes in a cream, red, taupe, black, and this navy blue color. black would've been first choice just because i wear a lot of black and grey and i stay neutral most of the time. but i am trying to buy other color bags because i do have plenty of black bags. but the other colors this bag comes in - i wouldn't get.

    so now I'm trying to figure out what i would wear with this bag? i know everyone says navy and black can be worn together but what do you really think about that? am i supposed to wear navy shoes with this bag?

    please help! thanks!
  2. I also just got a navy bag. I will wear it with most everything - gray, camel, brights, and anything I wear with jeans. I'll probably also wear it with black when I'm too lazy to change bags, but I prefer other color bags paired with black clothes, like gray or camel. I don't think you need to wear navy shoes with it.
  3. I have a navy bag and wear it with everything! It is a great neutral. In my opinion, a navy bag looks very chic with a monochromatic outfit such as black of ivory. Navy looks especially good with grays. I wouldn't wear navy shoes. Black or nude will look more modern.
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  4. The trend in Europe is NOT to color-coordinate the bag to your outfit or other accessories. So just be playful and enjoy your new bag!
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  5. I'm not a fan of navy with black despite what "they" say.

    But I do think navy is a gorgeous neutral! My favorite colors to pair with navy are gray, burgundy / wine, brown, tan, camel and white. But it's also stunning with pink, red, yellow, green and other shades of blue with the same undertones. I especially like navy paired with an outfit that had varying shades of other colors such as shades of grey or shades of tan.

    You'll have fun playing with this bag!
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  6. I love navy! Navy is good with grey and works great with almost all light and bright colors I can think of such as white, blues, pink, lime, coral etc.
    Since it is summer right now, you are probably wearing less black, so it would be great with for example a simple white dress.
  7. I was never a fan of navy bags since I tend to wear a lot of black and could not get into the "navy with black" concept. However, after I acquired a number of pieces of clothing with navy and black patterns, I took the plunge on a navy bag to wear with those pieces. I also wear it with white, beige/tan, grey, and denim (looks great with denim!). I use it a lot more than I expected. I can see it with bright colors (pink, yellow, coral, etc.) and pastels (soft yellow, peach, turquoise, etc.), but I don't wear those colors much. As for shoes, I don't own a navy pair (yet?) and wear my navy bag with nude, tan and taupe shoes (or black if I am doing the whole "navy with black" thing).
  8. I have a few navy bags as well as a couple of navy shoes. Funny thing is I don't tend to wear them together. If you can find a navy plus scarf, you will always have something that will coordinate without it looking like you're trying :tup:
  9. I love navy bags! I would absolutely wear it with black, as well as white, cream, tan, gray, brighter blues, red, orange, yellow, etc. I think navy is a true neutral. I would not wear it with navy shoes, however -- I think that look is dated and too matchy-matchy. If you need to tie it in with the rest of your outfit, maybe wear a scarf with some navy in it. In some ways, navy is more interesting than black, and is easier to wear in the summer.
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  10. I think navy is classic, chic, neutral and classy. That having been said I don't have anything navy because I wear so much black and I am one of those who won't mix navy and black. I would however carry a navy bag with most colours and I agree with the others that neutral shoes or ones with a touch of navy in them would look great. I especially love navy with creams and taupes.
  11. thanks for your replies everyone!

    I'm getting more and more ideas of how to coordinate the bag with my clothes! so i do have a pair of navy shoes and i put them together in my mind and think the two together would look VERy dated. but i love grey so i think ill be able to do the grey and the navy in scarf idea is very good too. one thing is that the bag is a leather / suede mix so i don't think ill do the summer white / navy mix with this bag because i don't like the look of suede in 100 degree weather! come fall though, it will look great with grey and camel.

    thanks again and more replies welcome!
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  12. My main bag and one i have used for months is Navy, a nice deep, rich navy.. to me it goes with everything! My raincoat is black with a blue trim lol. My shoes range from colored flip flops, to grey slip on's to brown boots...

    It's a massive neutral, less common than black, less worrisome than lighter colors and suits year round. Been very pleased with this choice of color surprisingly..
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  13. I just got a navy handbag, too! I plan to wear it with almost everything except navy shoes.
  14. I have a navy bag and I wear it with denim and gray or nude pumps.
  15. Navy's my favourite colour and I carry my navy bag very often. My wardrobe is practically black, grey, cream and occasionally some teal and coral tones and they all go well with my navy bag!