How to cook a Prime Rib

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  1. I have no clue. I'm suppose to make one for Christmas Eve dinner because my husband VOLUNTEERED me to do it. HELP!

    I'm having about 30 in laws coming! I'm going to Costco to buy the meat. What should the packaging say on it? Prime Rib? Rib Roast? What?
    Am I suppose to marinate it first? How long do I cook it for? I do, however, have a meat thermometer, that's something!

    And what else should I make to go with the meat? Vegetablewise.
  2. Call a reputable caterer and explain the situation. They will prepare the prime rib and you can pick it up just before the event. Be sure to put it on your husband's credit card.
  3. ^ROFL..TOTALLY..order it and then brag you made it..HAHAHA!..
  4. Caliprincess, I feel your pain!

    I think that directions should be on the meat as to how to cook it.
    As far as a marinade or seasoning goes, I would season with salt and pepper, Put it in a HOT fry pan for a couple of minuets each side to sear the meat then pop it in the oven for the recommended amount of time.
    Serve with potatoes and veggies!