How to convert tapes into CDs???

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  1. Does anyone have experience converting casette tapes to mp3 format? :confused1: I searched online and found a number of software that can convert them. What equipment do I need? I want to throw out those tapes forever, but have valuable songs/lectures on them!!!
  2. I haven't done tapes, but I've done my Dad's old LPs. This is my setup:

    • A phonograph
    • Audio cables
    • Griffin Powerwave (which I just looked up and I see is discontinued)
    • Roxio Toast
    • iMac
    The Powerwave is a USB device that converts the sound coming from the phonograph to digital. I was disappointed to see that they discontinued it, I have sent them an email to see if they have a new device; I looked on their website but didn't see anything similar. It was about $100 at that time.

    Roxio Toast is software that cleans up the sound (does a good job removing cracking and hissing) and I use it to burn the CDs. If your CD player can display song names, you can use Toast to add the names to the CD before burning.

    I did the converting for my Dad about a year and a half ago, I can't remember all of the small details, but it took me a while to get everything set up properly. Once I did that, it took me a week or so to record about 30 albums and create the cover art for the CDs and burn them. I bought him a nice CD case and presented it all to him for his birthday, since he doesn't have a phonograph that works anymore, and he loves his old music. :yes:

    Check out this website, they have a nice tutorial, and have a simpler setup option for connecting the tape deck to the sound card in the PC:
    Converting Tapes and Records to CD
  3. Thanks for the info and the site....
    I am sure your Dad loved the gift. What a genius idea!!
  4. This is an outrage. They can send a man to the moon, but they can't make a boom box with a slot for CD, a slot for a tape, and a button that says "Make CD From Tape."