how to contact re: pulled auctions?

  1. arggghhhhh --
    i just had two auctions pulled for excessive shipping on scarves -- but i have receipts that show it actually costs me more to ship than i charge! it's also odd in that it's exactly the same as i've charged for about 10 scarf sales, and less than some other sellers charge.

    i've just looked all over the site and can't figure out how to contact them to have the auctions reinstated.

    thanks for any help.

    ps -- eBay stinks. :hysteric:

  2. Uh oh - you must be new to the marketplace... The crap part of the eBay system is that once an auction is pulled - it is GONE-no reinstating... Hopefully you get copies of your listing sent to your email and you can cut and paste from there, however, you have to start the listing again from scratch. Maybe one of your competitors is filing against you??? Good Luck!
  3. Yup, unfortunately no matter how legitimate your claims are you can't have a pulled auction reinstated. I had an auction pulled once because I put "faux crocodile" in the heading. It wasn't a fake bag, just that the leather was stamped to look like Croc. That has been my only experience and even though I wrote them about it, couldn't really get my auction back up.
  4. thanks everyone -- i finally figured out how to contact them and sent an e-mail with a breakdown of my costs. last night i got a reply saying that they had made an error, and that the auctions were re-instituted as unsold items and could be relisted. so thankfully i don't need to to the entire listings over again!
  5. That's a great outcome, dressage queen! :smile:
  6. This happened to me too. I relisted the item with lower shipping. When got to the Post Office, surprise, the actual shipping cost exactly what I had put into the listing that got pulled in the first place. And I ended up paying the difference out of my pocket. In short: eBay does indeed suck.

    Turns out my original shipping charge was $0.03 (yes 3 cents) excessive. Way to protect the public from crooks eBay :sad:

  7. Nice to know that they have that capability!! :tup:
  8. Great! That must be new.
  9. Ebay, you :censor: !
  10. Glad it worked out!