How to confront loose dog?

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  1. What is the best way to confront an on-the-loose dog while jogging? The other day I was approached by a barking German Shepherd mix and was left looking like an idiot while half yelling, "Niiiice doggie, niiice doggie." The thing was five feet away and kept walking toward me while I slowly backed up to a parked car and walked to the other side for protection. I stood there until he left.

    My jogging route goes past a few pit bulls behind fences and all this made me realize how vulnerable I could be in future situations. W/out carrying mace or a weapon, what's the best tactic to use against a charging dog and also the best method for dealing with a frightened dog who is not attacking, but looks like it wants to?

  2. First and foremost, a dog can sense if a person is scared of it and thus can be more aggressive. The more you give attention to it, the more it will approach you. If it does come near, try shouting loud or making loud sounds. If dogs generally make you nervous, I suggest to bring an exanpable batton. It is relatively small and when you snap it, it becomes longer. If an animal does approach you, you may use to poke it or if it does attack, use it for self defense.
  3. My Mom jogs in my hometown, and there are tons of aggressive strays in that area. She would never jog without a really large, heavy stick. I love dogs, and I don't want to see any injured, but if a dog is on the aggressive end of a meet-up with a human, you'll need something that will protect you, so mace/sticks/whatnot are a good plan!
  4. This is a great and relevant thread. I can't imagine anyone loving dogs more than me, but ones on the loose that chase or threaten me when I'm walking or riding my bike are terrifying. Fortunately, I rarely ever encounter this situation, but it's good to know what to do.
  5. The first thing you can try is yelling "NO" or "STOP" and stamp your foot. If the dog is still coming I would spray it with Direct Stop. It is like Mace for dogs and you can usually buy it at any pet store. I hate dog owners that can't be bothered to keep their dogs on a leash!
  6. You could also consider buying one of those little devices that make very loud noises that are designed to protect against muggers, etc.