How to complain about NM's online order cancellation due to their "depletion?"

  1. Hey guys, I've read about a lot of bad experiences from NM's cancelled orders. Has anyone successfully filed a complaint and gotten back the order? If so, PLS teach me how to do it!

    I placed an order for large Chloe ivory blower edith bag which was on sale for $664. They did send me an email saying it's in stock. However, I tried to track my order through online chat, and they told me the order has been cancelled. Can I do anything about it? I have not even gotten any email from NM saying it's been cancelled.....:shrugs:
  2. really nothing you can do. so many people are ordering at once that it is bound to happen. i don't see how you can get back an order if the item isn't available. i too had an item cancelled and had no clue until i got my other two items and my top wasn't in there. statement said cancelled.
  3. grrrr....:cursing: I just read this thread and realized I should check my email to make sure my order went through for my new kooba. sure enough, my order was cancelled! I'm so disappointed :sad:
  4. That must be incredibly frustrating and disappointing. Thankfully it hasn't happened to me so far. I have tried to order something in the past and asked if they could find one in a store but I was told that they are only able to sell what is in stock for online sales. Two separate ordering systems, I guess.
  5. You can complain, but there isn't anything that can be done. They may say they'll let you know if one is returned. But what do you want them to do if all of the orders have been taken? Take the bag away from someone who got their order in ahead of you just because you complained?
  6. i dont think theres anything u can do, it happened to me so many times and i know its really frustrating...
  7. there's nothing you can do, many many people are trying to place orders simultaneously to get only a few of the same product. there will be errors, just like with other websites. i wish they'd change their policy to email you and let you know that the item is cancelled, but other than that, their hands are tied. they can't just make a few more of the bags magically appear.
  8. They will send you a letter in the mail, but that takes days.
  9. I agree with everyone else, there is nothing you can do. This happens with other top dept. store orders, too. I know how you feel! You can never count on online orders that are on sale.
  10. I've had this happen as well...I exchanged a Fendi hobo for a different Fendi and after many many weeks got an update via email that it was depleted.

    SO...I went to the Fendi subforum, asked around, and found it through instead! :yahoo: . I don't think there's really a way to challenge depleted stock to see if there's 'really' one hiding somewhere. Just file a complaint and be a little resourceful to find your dream bag :wlae: .
  11. There's nothing that you can really do if you can complain...It probably won't get you anywhere.

    In a way, I have a feeling that this may end up like the "Bloomingdale" thread ended up :x
  12. :yucky: i hate when that happens! unfortunately, situations like this are out of your control...of course, you can complain, but I don't think it will really get you anywhere. They will say "if we don't have it, we don't have it...what can we do?" :shrugs: that's the pain with online shopping...sorry!!! :sad:
  13. This only happened to me once, luckily, and I called the customer service to find out why it happened. As others have said, several people are ordering online at the exact same time. HOWEVER, there is something you can do to ensure your order is not cancelled. Find out each item you want to purchase, and write down their info, and CALL to place your order. It puts you ahead of everyone online and your order is processed faster and sent out faster. I started following her advice, and it hasn't happened to me again. A lot of times they will upgrade my shipping for free as well. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  14. Thanks for the tip, Ana! This makes more sense.
  15. I happened to be browsing on the NM website and saw the bag that I ordered (which got cancelled) was back up and IN STOCK! I did the live chat and the SA told me that it was actually in stock. I just don't get it!! I ordered it again, but I bet it'll be cancelled again. sheesh...