How to clean?

  1. Hi everyone I have the med hobo horsebit handbag but i've noticed its gotten a little dirty specially at the bottom. Would it be a good idea to clean it with a brush and some soap/detergent? Has anyone tried this?
  2. I hear good things about baby wipes... Have you tried that? I also heard that Coach has a Fabric cleaner but I hadn't tried that.
  3. i wouyld skip the brush...that may be a bit TOO harsh dont you think?

    instead try baby wipes...and if its STILL dirty i would try some of the coach cleaner, havnt personally tried it but i heard it works well

    BUT if i were you and i LOVED hte bag, id get it professionally cleand. Your SA should be able to recommend a local dry cleaner...getting bags cleaned by gucci themselevs is WAY to expensive and they dont do a good job :smile:
  4. [ Commerical Time ] At this time you will need da dum.... Spot Remedy from Forever New! It works on cashere, it works on silk, it works on the Gucci monogram fabric too! You can Google it and find one in your friendly neighborhood store. [ /Commercial Time ]
  5. Thanks everyone! And I will look up Spot Remedy from Forever New. :flowers:
  6. I used a dry cleaning pad made by 'cadie'. It was $3.50. There was a blackish grey spot near the base of my large GG monogram tote, annoying to look at. Came out pretty quickly. I can still see a hint where it is, but I tested this on a friend and they could not detect where the original stain was. :borg:

    This pad may not be great for large areas, exc for spot cleaning. It's like the magic eraser.