How to clean your uggs?

  1. I have 6 pairs of uggs - and they look like crap. My first two pair were classic shorts in sand and chestnut - and by summer both looked like garbage. Granted, I used them in the snow - but they looked awful. I bought the ugg cleaner and cleaned them - BIG mistake, now they feel all rough and gross! So I bought 2 more pairs of sand and chestnut classic shorts and decided to use the trashed ones for snow, etc. Now the new sand ones look like JUNK because jean dye rubs onto them, etc - and they stretch and look all junky :crybaby:. I want to clean them up but I don't know how! Help!!! Any alternative methods?
  2. I have seriously heard of people who washed them in the washer and swear they were okay. I haven't done that, I just buy new ones . . .
  3. I put my sheepskin ugg slippers in the washing machine (handwash cycle and woolite) and they came out fine - they were a little "crunchy" at first but softened up after a couple of wears. These are purely my indoor shoes though, not sure if I would be game to do it with my tall uggs.
  4. I apologize if this thread already exists..any great cleaning tips for pink and light blue Uggs? Destroyed on a snowy/slushy day. Help!
  5. Maybe suede and nuebuck cleaner??
  6. Have you tried it?
  7. on my baby pink uggs I used the ugg cleaner and it worked pretty well.