HOW TO CLEAN Your Chloe (lining, pen marks, stains)


Cleaning my light paddy for the first time - VOTE on the best way!

Poll closed Jul 30, 2017.
  1. warm soapy water and clean cloth

  2. non-alcoholic babywipes

  3. Hermes saddle soap

  4. Waproo Zofta leather cleaner (wipe on and off)

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a pen mark on my Whiskey and was wondering if anyone had any success getting rid of this problem. I used that Appleguard cleaner, and orange came off of my cloth and now that little pen mark has turned into a quarter size. then i read about putting toothpaste over the pen mark, but that didn't work. then i tried alcohol wipes, and that didn't work. now i just have a large dollar coin size at the original small pen mark. :cry:
  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that. Is this the bag you just got too? Sorry I don't know about removing pen marks but I'm sure someone will offer some ideas. Perhaps ask in the handbags forum too, may get more exposure that way.

    Just wanna say too that your puppy wuppy is so cute!!!
  3. I hear "Leather CPR" removes ink. I use it to clean LV vachetta leather.
  4. Well now it's kind of just not a small pen mark, but a larger silver dollar area of dull and darkened leather.:sad:
  5. hmm. Its also a really good conditioner as well, more so than a cleaner per se so it may help. Or any leather conditioner really.
  6. is it better than that appleguard stuff? and where do i get this?
  7. Try stretching that darkened area of leather out - gently pull it all directions. The darker area is usually the result of dye pigment squishing together after getting wet, and stretching the leather helps to pull the pigment apart and lighten it again.
  8. I thought someone posted before about using a clean eraser to take off a pen mark. You might search the posts for that.
  9. tried that. didn't work. faded the leather even more.
  10. help! my jeans transferred some bluish colour onto the corners of my sable paddy (beige cream colour) :worried:.

    i have a leather protectant/waterproofer i plan to spray on (by Grison), but i should clean it first huh?!

    okay, so here are the options i know of.. help me pick one to try please!
    if it doesn't work i might go on to try the other options..

    (i'm afraid i can't get Apple or Vectra here, and won't until my US friend visits in mid June..
    I don't mind taking stop-gap measures until then, if you think that's best?)

    TIA for your opinions and vote!
  11. I don't think I'd use water of any kind on the paddyleather - I would use the wipe on leather cleaner. Too bad you don't have Apple there, it truly works miracles!!!
  12. You can purchase Apple products from I'm in Oz too and there's where I bought mine. Shipping is a bit steep ($29.50 USD) but if you order a couple of bottles, it's more worthwhile. I ordered the conditioner.

    As to which is the best cleaning method.. sorry but I'm not sure myself:wacko:. However, I've heard that the Apple Leather Cleaner is pretty harsh stuff. Another member here, TheITBag, used it to try to clean a pen mark off her whiskey paddy and the area where it was used became a smudgy lighter colour, from memory. She had to send the bag to a professional leather place to get re-dyed in that one spot.

    Good luck with the jeans marks, Holly. And let us know what worked for you:smile:
  13. I wouldn't use the apple cleaner but the conditioner. It actually works as a gentle cleaner. I hope it works out for you!
  14. Ooh, thanks Twinklette! Good to know:smile: Now I'll have more use of those 2 bottles I bought, lol!
  15. SS - appleguard is the bomb lol. It works on just about everything! Used it on every single one of my bags and no issues. I never use the cleaner, only the conditioner first and then the waterproofing spray :=)