how to clean wine stain off leather strap?

  1. My sister was devastated when red wine was spilled over her brand new LV's strap. She has the little patent leather one (is that a pochette?). Anyway, her boyfriend tried to clean it using some white wine (generally with wine stains you use white to clean red wine but not sure it works for purses too). The stain is not too bad now but still shows, is there anything else she can do?
  2. Have you tried the baby wipes? I don't know if it will work, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try?
  3. If it's on Vernis...I don't believe there is anything else that will be able to clean off the white wine without hurting the canvas.

    If it's on the Vachetta...since you said strap, I don't think so. One of my bags have a small red wine stain on the top, and I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing will clean it.

    Champagne, maybe? Or more white wine?
  4. okay- boiling water takes out any fruit based stain. trust me- i have a knack for spilling red wine on anything and everything. now, i don't know about putting that on vachetta. however, it may be better than red wine... boil water, put it in a cup, and use qtips to dab it, if you are going to try it. good luck to your sister!
  5. Well, if it's the vernis lexington pouch worse case you can replace the little strap, I think they even sell them on elux and they're like $50 or so, it's still money but at least the bag can look good again.....
  6. If it is on vachetta you might want to try Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I had red wine spilled on one of my bags vachetta and used the eraser gently and it fixed it. It left the spot a little lighter/dryer but it was better to me than a red spot. :flowers:
  7. Soo yup this happened to my gf, just last night, very small red wine stain on the handle of her delightful strap, what should she use to clean it.