How to clean white soles of sneakers?

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  1. Hi, everyone, anyone ! I need advise on (Cleaning, Care and Whitening the Yellowing Midsole part)

    Anyone who knows how to properly care for their LOUIS/ROLLERBOAT sneakers please share, or how you actually clean and care for them. I would really love to know and appreciate that !

    Thank you ~ :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. There's a thread already on CL cleaning but it's catered more towards women's shoes anyway. I sprayed mine with Apple Garde spray then after every wear I wipe down the midsole and the bottom soles and that's basically how the stay clean. Every four or five wears I use a tiny dab of rubbing alcohol diluted in water and with a paper towel wipe it down. Gets the job done but make sure you only put it on the rubber and don't get it on the actual sneaker!
  3. Hi,I bought a pair of Louis rhinestones and I want to know how to keep the white sole of the shoe without damaging the red part.

    Thank a lot
  4. I just clean mine (the white and red part, everything below the leather or material of the shoe so the sole as well) with rubbing alcohol. It gets all the dirt and stuff out and it cleans them pretty well and doesn't damage the rubber. You can also try using a white eraser to clean the white part as well.
  5. My husband has always used diluted OxyClean powder. Works like a dream.
  6. Oh that's a good idea, I'm gonna try that!

  7. Hi there

    Whats rubbing alcohol?


  8. Diluted means mixed with water? And then a cloth or?
    Mine are yellowing a bit and a bit of dirt. Would like to make them look perfect 😊

  9. If you want to spend on a kit, Jason Markk sneaker kit works wonder:

    Or else, Mr Clean magic eraser works magic on white sneakers.
  10. I used the Oxyclean purple foam spray (use for bathtub/tiles) I swear on it! I just spray it on the white part and let the sneaker sit for about 5 minutes. Used a toothbrush to brush of the dirt and dirty stain (people stepping on me :/) and boy it’s brand new again.