how to clean vinyl lesportsac?

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  1. Hey ladies!
    About two or three years ago, I purchased a beautiful white with black lettering L.A.M.B. by LeSportsac. I absolutely LOVE this bag, but the problem is that it's gotten a little beat up. I used it for a school bag for a while and it's gotten quite scuffed up. The style is as this but my white looks more gray. It's so ugly! Also, the handles are poorly...again, the white looks gray. Can anyone recommend to me how how to clean this bag? I have no clue how to clean vinyl... maybe some of you ladies would know.

    Thank you SOOOOO much!:tup::tup::heart::tup::love:
  2. Hi miss jenny. I have a mega l.a.m.b in black with the white lettering that i was pretty embarrased to take out with me, it was so filthy! I actually used woolite to clean it and it worked pretty well. I've also heard of people taking theirs to the cleaners. So you could also try that.
  3. I have the black and white lettering one, I washed it for the first time a few weeks ago, I took the strap off, washed it in the washer on gentle cycle in cold water with woollite, and hung it on a hanger to dry. it looks brand new and nothing happened to the leather on the bag.
  4. Oh so glad to know i'm not alone with the woolite!
  5. people on the nodoubt forum give me those directions to clean my bag and woolite is gentle but i think next time i'll use some tide.
  6. great to know! thanks, ladies... i was embarrassed with that dirty bag!
  7. I have a few LeSportsac bags that desperately need some cleaning. My washer actually doesn't have a gentle cycle but it has permanent press and quick wash, which are both low agitation. Which one should I use? And for how long?

    Aw, I'm feeling nostalgic for my nylon LAMBs!
  8. ^I would use the permanent press. That's what i have used.

    I love my lesportsac l.a.m.b! They don't get out much but like you i also get nostalgic for them.