How to clean up Balenciaga Forum: Input Wanted!

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  1. Ok all, Vlad and I will be working on a new set of rules for your sub forum, we will be adding new mods, and we would like to clean up this subforum too.

    There are a TON of sticky threads - I think that should be cleaned up. Check out LV and Hermes, they have separate folders. We can add that here to help make the forum easier to navigate.

    So please add any suggestions/input that would make this place better... we can't say we will do it all, but we will take it all into consideration :yes:

    So now, let's start on a new foot to make your place better! :yes:
  2. Yay! I think it's great that you are so democratic. It's refreshing and shows that you really care about our input. I agree with you that the LV and Hermes subforums appear much cleaner. Perhaps we can lump some of the stickied threads under categories?

    For example, there could be a Resource thread where the "Documenting Colors....Documenting Leather Variations...Documenting Accessories...FAQ" can go under?"

    Or Shopping section where "Stores Carrying Bbags Now...A Place for Fakes...Authenticate This..." can be grouped.
  3. ^ Yes, that is what is needed! You all know this place best, so you can help us think of re-grouping etc :yes:
  4. i love this positive email! thanks! i would love to have different folders like the other sections!
  5. That is a great idea! maybe a thread can be started on new purchases like someone mentioned can be added so all and newbies can see different styles, price etc..
  6. I just quickly glanced at the title and thought you were asking how to clean bbags. I was going to tell you that you should do a search as the topic has been discussed before.:shame: Then I was surpised you would even want a bbag after all the drama. I need some sleep (or a drink).

    Great idea Megs. The suggestions above are helpful
  7. I think there should be a separate folder for restoring and repairing bbags, as well as on cleaning and protecting the leather.

    Just read the above post. LOL!!!
  8. LG always has the best idea (can we elect you to be a mod?? :graucho:)

    How about:

    • Stores Now Carrying...
    • Authenticate This...
    • Place for the Fakes...
    • [Incoralblue's] Anatomy of a Work...
    • [Incoralblue's] Anatomy of a Weekender...
    • Documenting Leather...
    • Documenting Color...
    • Documenting Accessories...
    Caring for BBags:
    • All the threads on LovinMyBags, Apple Garde, Lubriderm, etc
    • All the threads on repair/restoration
    Fun with BBags:

    • Celebrities
    • Photos wearing your bbags
    • Comments on photos wearing bbags
  9. great minds! I was typing that as you were!

  10. hmwe46 the organization is pretty good!
  11. How about a section on

    Join the Club

    • Join the work club
    • Join the city club
    • Join the Anthra club
    • etc??
  12. YES! There should be a "everything a newbie needs" section, with our documenting colors/leathers shapes, perhaps a link to atelier naff, the faqs, incoral's guides ( :heart: ), etc...
    Also, I think there has to be a "balenciaga leather: to treat or not to treat" section because as Donna mentioned in another thread, it's one of the questions that newbies just keep on asking and asking and asking... Honestly there are easily 200 threads about this.
    Another fun one would be a clubhouse, like the one LV has. We already have some threads, like the Work club, the first ladies club, the day club, and probably some more that I'm missing right now.
    There could also be an "upcoming collections info" place where people can post any bal news. For example, the magenta LE and the first word-of-mouth inside info we get could go there.
  13. Hmwe, your organization is great! You know how we always list new bags that we aquire on the main page? Sometimes I like to go back and look at everyone's new bags but don't know what to search under.:shrugs:

    Perhaps we can start a thread for people to announce their new purchase? Like, "Announcing My New..." and then your personal thread title would say, "Aqua City!". Then we can put the thread under the "Fun with Bbags" section. That way we can all ooooh and ahhhh at the same place and have a thread full of lovely bbags?!:yahoo:

    Or am I overthinking? :nuts:

    ps: I would love to be mod, just not sure if I qualify. Perhaps hmwe, you and me can be join forces and be 1 giant uber mod. :P
  14. ^This all sounds great. I think we'll see a lot fewer repetative posts with these new divisions too...
  15. I have to say, hmwe46's suggestions seem very organized and easy to navigate.