How to clean up a Rockley messenger?

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  1. My beautiful old Rockley has received colour from my jeans, and I want to try and clean it up.

    Do you have any suggestions to how I should or could do that?

    It looks like this:

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  2. oh dear- I haven't a clue I'm afraid. Might be worth phoning Mulberry customer services to see if they can offer any advice. Out of interest had you sprayed it with collonil?
  3. Yes, but it's a long time since I did it.

    I'm gonna call Mulberry in Copenhagen tomorrow and see if they can help me.. Otherwise, I'll just have to live with it and hope it tears off again:tup:
    It's only visible on the back of the bag, so noone will notice it.
  4. Well, I talked with Mulberry Copenhagen today, and there's not much to do.. Since the colour is oak, I will almost for sure make it worse, if I try to wash it off or take it to dryclean.

    The really kind SA asked me to bring it to the store to take a look at it. She said it maybe possible to shine it up a little, but it could be expensive, though..

    So I'll bring it with me when I get near the store, maybe I'm lucky :tup:

    Otherwise, I'm not so sad about it. It would have been much worse, if it happened to one of my other bags. I usually use my Rockley as a diaperbag, when I'm out with my kids, and the damage is on the back of the bag..

    But girls, please promise me to be careful with what you rub your oak-bags against! In case you didn't already know, that is... ;) :upsidedown:
  5. I must say it was worry about colour transfer that made me get a choco Antony instead of an oak one! sorry about your bag but as you say at least it's the back of the bag that no-one really sees!