How to clean/treat Ocelot Sophia?

  1. I bought the ocelot Sophia (my first LAMB!) in the sales and used it before I could treat the leather. As a result, the bag has some color transfer from denim. how can I clean or treat it to prevent transfer in the future?
  2. i would try cleaning the stain with a mr. clean magic eraser, let it air dry overnight and then spray the bag all over with a protectant spray...i recommend vectra ( ~ scotch guard is a similar product and it works, too, but scotch guard has to be applied frequently (every couple weeks or so) since it only "sits on top" of the material instead of penetrating it.
  3. thanks!!!
  4. hello uhkiwi!
    did you ever find a way to clean your ocelot!?
    while taking my ocelot Audrey out, i came home to find denim stains on it! :sad:
    i am clueless on how to clean it! any suggestions??