How to clean Tolie

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  1. Ladies,
    I was wondering if some of you could give me some suggestions about how to clean tolie. My herbag is tolie and I got it dirty somehow this weekend. Is there anyway I can clean it at home myself? or do I have to take it back to Hermes?

    Thanks in advance for all your helps.
  2. What kind of dirt you have on the bag?

    The safest way is to bring the bag to Hermes for cleaning. Personally, I won't attempt to clean anything myself in case I make things worse.

    If you are adventurous, you can clean the toile yourself using mild detergent or soap. OTOH, I think it'd be better if you bring the bag to Hermes so they can have a look at it.
  3. i'm not too sure what the dirt mark is. its not that big though so I can live with it for now. I just sent my birkin in for cleaning and H told me its going to take 8 weeks. I dont think I can stand having my herbag away for 8 weeks too right now....haha plus I just got the bag and used it once. I am sure its bond to get more dirty in the coming months. if the only way to clean it is to bring it into H then I guess i should wait until the bag is a bit more dirty?
  4. Try Vanish Oxy Clean Carpet Cleaner. I have used it and it works great.
    Other than that, simply some soap flakes and water.
    What colour is yours?
  5. thanks for the advice hello2703. my tolie is the color of the new H dustbag. i'm not sure what the name of the color is? its that creme/grey color with brown specks in it.
  6. haha its a great color and matching easily with things but its also the color that get dirty the easist. i've learned this the hard way...:sad:
  7. The colour is naturelle (I think). I have the same and the oxy stuff worked great. The toile is very hardy as it is somehow coated/laminated, don't be afraid to use water/soap on it.
  8. On natural toile...
    Mr Clean MAGIC ERASER has worked well for me. They are in the cleaning section of grocery story.
  9. I've heard the MAGIC ERASER is amazing and recommended by H as well.
  10. Right now I'm considering buying a gorgeous picotin with toile. I'm so nervous over the dirt factor though. This would be a bag that I'd want to use alot in the summer but if I have to be super careful with it, I know it will sit in my closet. Any advice on whether I should get it?
  11. I LOVE Toile. It looks so light and summery. (Really a plus when it's so hot it's hard to breathe) Mr. Clean magic earasers are great! I had a pair of jeans that bleed onto my leather car upholstery...took it right off. Didn't change the color either.
  12. Spoke w/ Claude at Madison Avenue today about Toile. He looked up with exasperation! However, he said, soap and water works fine unless it is a grease stain, which he had no solution for. I think if you take it to an amazing cleaner like Madame Paulette or Meurice Garment Care they would do amazing things with it.
  13. if it is just light surface dirt, you can take a TideToGo pen which doesn't have any bleach stuff in it, but it works miracles.
  14. Are these products ok to use on vintage toile bags as well? I have one that I already sent to the cleaners and it's much better but.. Maybe I can get it really clean. They won't harm the leather trim or lining? Thanks much!
  15. Royce, all the advice we have given is for the toile part only. DO NOT use any on the leather.