How to clean Tiffany's silver or other silver jewelry?

  1. Hi, it's been a year since I got my oval tag necklace from Tiffany's and it's already looking dull and there's tarnish starting to show up... :sad:

    I was wondering the following:

    -How much does it cost to send it to Tiffany's for a full cleaning? Is it worth it?

    -How can I clean it myself @ home? Can you recommend some products that work and where I can find them?

    TIA!! :tup: :yes:
  2. That's a good question. I'd like to know how to clean sterling silver too.
  3. I've been using Connoisseurs silver polishing cloth for many years now as suggested by my jeweler and found that it brought back the shine on my silver jewelry. (btw they also have for gold). They have dips too but it was just to messy & smelly for me. Checked it out at Amazon & it is available for just $6.74. Good deal for something that really works :tup:

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  4. ^^ Ohhh thanks!!! That really did help! And its such a good deal too!

    I tried this silver polishing cloth my dad has had and it worked like a CHARM! My necklace looks BRAND NEW now!! But his is so old, so I'll try that cloth out!

    Thanks again!
  5. I just got some of my Tiffany's jewelry cleaned at Tiffany's. It was around $11 but it looks brand new! They said cleaning it with dishsoap and water will help a bit.
  6. Cleaning with a cloth whenever you're done wearing it will also help prevent future tarnish - since you remove residue like oils, lotion and perfume which can take away from the shine.

    Use the dip very sparingly if you must - it actually strips a thin layer off so don't let it sit in there either !!
  7. ok...seriously try this ok...

    i was skeptical...but it worked! woohoo, now all my jewelry is so shiney and new

    somebody posted this earlier in a different thread (that's where i got the tip from) but i'll just mention it again

    line a bowl or container with aluminum foil shiney side up. put boiling water in and a spoonful of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and then dip your jewelry in for 2 mins... i didn't let it sit there too long. then rinse in purified water...i just used tap. and TA DA! shiney maddness!!!!
  8. The Tiffany I go to in Toronto cleans my stuff for free. They really do a good job!!
  9. Get it cleaned @ Tiffany's,they do a great job there!,when you get them back you wouldnt recognize the jewlery!
  10. Well, I'm happy for now because my jewelry is looking good as a result of the cloth, but I will send it to Tiffany's when I pass by there.

    Do their cleanings remove some of the scratches? Or at least hides their appearance a little?

    And does anyone know how much it costs?? When I bought it, I think they said $30, but ducky got hers
  11. I clean my Tiffany's with toothpaste but it leaves a little dullness behind. Best bet is to bring it back to Tiffany's. :yes:
  12. I use Connoisseurs dip. It's a little stinky..but really makes stuff shine! I have a mesh ring and a wipe alone doesn't work (because of all the inbetweenie grooves).
  13. i just use the haggerty silver cloth i bought at tiffanys
  14. Yes, it totally hides any scratches... my stuff comes back looking brand new. I don't remember the fees, but it might be $30 for three pieces, not for one though. I've always had to pay and never gotten mine for free... to me it is worth it for how amazing it all looks when it comes back though!
  15. Tiffany also sells a cleaning cloth. I bought it and used it on my Tiffany pieces and it works wonders! I totally suggest the cleaning cloth instead of paying Tiffanys to clean it for you because it's the same thing (at least to me).

    Tiffanys charges you to have them clean your pieces unless you have a nice SA