How to clean this?

  1. I won a Coach on eBay. I been back and forth with the seller about a flaw on it, but that is another story which has been posted in the eBay forum here.

    Anyways, I got the Coach bag and when I pulled it out of the box, then dust bag, I saw 2 blue marks on the front strap. The strap is pink leather.

    I cant get the mark off. I tried baby wipes and Magic Eraser. Wont come off. I cant really take it anywhere, because im located in central Alaska on a military base.

    Any ideas or am I SOL ?:confused1:

    I hope the picture does it justice. The mark is so obvious to the eye, but it is hard to show up on camera

  2. picture isnt showing!
  3. :crybaby:
    i will try and take some better pictures
  4. i see the pic.

    can you call coach and ask them what to do?

  5. That was going to be my next step!:yes: