How to clean the Vachetta Handles?

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  1. I just purchased a Pre-Owned bag..and the vachetta leather handles have some black marks on them..I'm wondering if regular leather cleaner is ok to use on them...or should I do the baby wipe method? I do not want to patina them anyfurther because they are at a nice mild honey stage..just the way I prefer...

  2. try the baby wipes thing, it's just the right amount of moisture to clean them... the vachetta will all still patina, however, regardless of how you clean them.
  3. I agree...I also hear that Coach leather cleaner works pretty well too.
  4. Do you have any pics of the black marks? I want to take some black marks off of my Panda Cles... :s
  5. What about taking it to an LV store if there is one near you? When I bought my new LV I had my Speedy 30 with me and was asking them how to clean it and get white wall paint off of it (don't ask how I got it on there lol). He asked if he could take it in the back and clean it, so I said sure! He brought it back all nice and new looking and said if I ever need one cleaned again to bring it in. He couldn't tell me what he used to clean it though, because he said customers may try doing it themselves and go overboard on the cleaning solution and ruin the bag. But it's free, so I'll be back!

    My new LV canvas horizontal lockit (2 weeks old!) has water stains on the leather on the bottom of it because my water bottle spilt inside it and left some nasty stains on the outside :crybaby: I also got some sort of black marks on the leather from my black wool coat (I think??) and I'm going to see if they can get it off tomorrow.

    Silly question, but would you like me to ask them what you could use on the handles?
  6. Here is a thread about using baby wipes...I think it might be helpful to add it here. Baby wipes process
  7. I dont clean my bags. :p
  8. i used baby wipes to clean some dirt and it got rid of it...but it did make the vachetta a bit drier..
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