How to clean the inside of my bag?

  1. A lipgloss "exploded" in my black city, how should I clean it? :sad:
  2. Not sure about exploded lip gloss, but i clean the lining in my bag by gently pull the lining out and then wiping with a damp cloth or baby wipes, hope it turns out okay :sad:
  3. I have washed the inside linings of three bags, one of my own and two of collectors who could not quite manage it alone.
    1.Turn the lining inside out..cover the rest if you bag as best you can with a towel and a plastic bag.
    2.Gently brush off any loose dust from lining, don't forget to clean dust from within the zipped pocket inside your bag.
    3.Dab off all of the loose chapstick or gloss with a paper towel..then sprinkle greasy stain liberally with cornstarch to absorb more of the grease.
    4.After 30 mins, brush off all the cornstarch..dab greasespots with some non diluted woolite..using a toothbrush rub the Woolite in and work it through the fabric for a few minutes.
    5.Rinse in lukewarm water..
    6.Fill the bowl or sink with luke warm water and some diluted Woolite and handwash the entire lining, then rinse out all the suds..wring it out by putting lining in a towel and sqeezing out all of the water..lay bag on a dry towel in a warm but NOT HOT spot to air dry..this takes a few hours or overnight..
    when dry, iron smooth with a medium hot iron being careful NOT to iron your leather!.
    Turn lining back into your should look and smell perfect..
  4. ooo thank you!! I will try that tonight!! *huggles*
  5. I just wanted to say to Quilter...THANK YOU! I spent 45 minutes on Google using all different combinations of keywords trying to figure out how to clean my purse. I had a cocoa butter stick inside a leather purse with a peau de soie liner. I left it in my car and it melted. I thought it would be impossible to get all the oil out and wash the liner without ruining the leather! Awesome of you to give this advice. :biggrin: