How to Clean the Cloth Part of the Zipper on Azur Cle?

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  1. Hi all!

    I did a search but couldn't find anything on this. I've a azur cle which I've been using daily for about three months. The canvas part is holding up well, still looks like new. But the cloth around the zipper are getting dirty, i.e. edges turning dark.

    Has anyone tried to clean this? I assume it should happen with any azur pieces with a zipper.
  2. Have you tried dabbing it with the magic eraser ?
  3. yes i have a damier azur zippy wallet and have the same problem around the zipper part. can someone suggest anything for cleaning? i tried to use a toothbrush and brush it clean but it didnt really work? i was thinking about using a tide pen but i think there is bleach in there right?? advice?
  4. ^^ hey cherrykiwi, i dunno how dirty your cles is. my zippy wallet was pretty bad to my standards. i took a shot in the dark and use a magic eraser on the cloth part. just cut it small so it doesnt over rub on the canvas part and there was a slight improvement. still on the hunt for shout wipes. i'll update when i find them and try those.
  5. i got makeup on my mc kate the first day i used it!!! and i used the tide to go, it didn't all come out but most of it did, good luck!