How to clean the Antigua canvas?

  1. Hi tpf-ers,

    I have the LV antigua with the white canvas material and now it has black spots on the corners (probably from sitting them on something dirty).

    I was told by my SA to just wipe it off gently with soft cloth and water but did not work (it actually seemed to spread out a bit)

    Any suggestion for cleaning?:confused1:

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Hmm. Maybe try a Tide Pen or that incredibly gentle carpet cleaner I love to use called Folex. I swear, that is the best stuff, I use it on clothing, shoes, bags..everything. It's great because it's non-magnetic, meaning the spots won't spread.
    Just spray some on a clean white washcloth then gently work at the should come out perfectly.
  3. I would use a little Forever New by dabbing it with a damp cloth. This stuff is color safe and gentle on fabrics. I used it to clean my Monogram Mini which had grease stains on it from a shopping cart at the supermarket. Here's the link: Forever New
  4. Ok, I immediately tried the tide pen cos its avail at my house. It helped a lil bit but did not take the whole thing out.
    Is it dangerous to use the Clorox bleach pen?
  5. Definitely do not use the bleach pen. It's way too harsh for that material and you'll end up with big white spots on the cream-ish bag.
    I'd try the Folex or Forever New instead.
  6. Yes!!! Clorox bleach pen will whiten your Antigua. If you can get to a Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, any fine lingerie store. I suggest you use the ~FOREVER NEW~ It will lift the stain and not leave any residue on the fabric that is damaging.

    Forever New
  7. i wanted to get the antigua GM in white also. but im afraid that the canvas will get dirty. let us know how you removed the dirt marks. :smile:
  8. I just wanted to edit my quote. Please don't use the Clorox bleach pen!!!

    Please try this product from any fine department store: Forever New