How to Clean Sticky Neoprene bags - My Story with my Vintage Fendi Baguette

I'm wondering what the name of this very thin delicate plastic is. Don't think it's neoprene. (the bag - not the handle). And is there any way to make the picture not so huge??!! :lol:IMG_1630.jpeg
Currently trying this, bought this EXACT same baguette from the Real Real, came insanely sticky. I put dawn dish soap on my bag instead and it’s soaking for 3 hours. Call me crazy but I also bought goo gone just in case! i test patched it on the inside lining of the pouch to see if it would damage the material. I’ll provide an update soon :smile:
did you use goo gone on the whole thing or did dawn do the trick? i tried the dawn dish soap soak three times and my bag is still sticky ☹️
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Thank you for responding :heart: Yes, I did the pre-soak but the water didn't come out dirty at all (but the bag was still dirty and very sticky!). I will try using a soft toothbrush like you did and add more detergent to the water. Maybe the outside of the bag feels a bit better but the inside is still unusable. Thank you again for your advice :smile:
did you ever find a solution? i’m currently dealing with the same thing ☹️
alright guys after soaking my bag in dawn dish soap for two whole days i still couldn’t get rid of the stickiness. i sprinkled about a quarter cup of borax in lukewarm water and submerged the bag in it(make sure you agitate the water first and dissolve all the borax first or else you could damage the bag) then when u submerge it make sure all the leather parts are sticking out aka not submerged or else the leather will be ruined.i let it soak for five hours and the water was so murky, brown, and disgusting.🤢 after the soak i rinsed under cold water again avoiding the leather parts of the bag. make sure you rinse very well with water i let me soak in fresh water for about an hour then rinsed and rinsed again. its about 80% dry right now and the stickiness is completely completely GONE! i’m so happy i thought i had wasted my money on a purse i wouldn’t be able to use cus mine was soooo sticky it was bad but it worked out!
my vintage fendi arrived yesterday and I read up that rubbing alcohol would remove the stickiness, it didn’t. So I was so happy to find this thread. I soaked my bag in Luke warm water with Dawn soap, borax and some grease lightning grease cutting solution. After an hour I went in and massaged the bag in the solution. I them let it soak for another 15 minutes. I then rinsed in cold water. Then just a precaution, I made another with Clorox 2, borax and another generous splash of the grease lightning grease cutting solution. I let it sit for another hour and rinsed. The bag is not sticky! I used a waffle towel inside to soak the access water and another towel around it overnight. It looks new again! Thank you for all your suggestions because I love this bag!!!