How to clean stain on Chanel Reporter?

  1. Hi ladies.. anyone has the method or any product that can clean or remove the stain/smudge on chanel reporter bag (lambskin)? THANKS :smile:
  2. If you have the receipt and your bag is less than a year old, bring it back to the Chanel boutique and they will get it good as new for free! If it is older than a year old, they will charge some fee but I bet they will be able to remove that smudge. Other brands don't have that great policy but Chanel does! Just one more reason to love them!!

  3. ^^What if you bought it from a department store? Will they do the same thing?
  4. Yes!:yes:
  5. If I remember correctly, the OP bought this off eBay, so I'm not sure if she can take it to the store to get cleaned for free? Hopefully it won't be too expensive, though!
  6. It's calfskin, not lambskin, so it should be pretty easy to clean - not as delicate.
  7. Not without the original receipt.
  8. A tiny bit off topic but has anyone brought in an lambskin bag for cleaning? The SAs at my boutique are very helpful but they've never really mention the cleaning stuff to me ever. Plus I recall when I got my first lambskin, the SA warned me once its dirtied, its dirtied forever they can't do anything to fix it....